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Gary Harper, Aladren
Defenses up!
Tue Mar 6, 2018 20:39

Gary still liked Defense the best out of all of his classes. It felt the most like he was training to be a true adventuring wizard, ready to go smite evil and save the day. As usual, he arrived early and began working once more in his campaign notebook while waiting for the class to start. His D&D experiment was going... interestingly. Hopefully everyone else was having fun so far. That notebook was packed away quickly once Professor Nash began talking. He had heard about the dueling club, but was on the fence about checking it out. However, if it meant learning more spells for vanquishing evil, he may just have to check it out.

Once Professor Nash began the lecture, Gary found he had a difficult time keeping a straight face. He hadn't run across that particular spell in any source book he had ever read. Wait, that wasn't true now that he thought about it. There had been that third-party supplement that had come out on April 1st a few years ago. That had a similar sounding spell in it, it actually had quite a few along these lines. Dad had seemed about as enthusiastic about allowing them into his game as Professor Nash was about teaching this spell. He did have to admit, it didn't sound like a particularly useful spell; but if all you needed was a quick moment of distraction, it could be a viable option. Not many would expect it.

The spell he was to practice, did sound much more useful. Truth be told, it sounded like the good 'ol 'Shield' spell, mixed with a bit of 'Counterspell'. Both spells very nice to have in your arsenal. Now he just needed to find a partner. This was usually the hardest part of the class. He looked around to see which of the first years hadn't already paired up with someone else. It didn't take to long to find one, then it was just a matter of going up to them and talking to them. He sighed, why was this so difficult? Finally he screwed up his courage, picked up the tissues that had landed on his desk, and approached.

"Hi, got a partner yet? I'd like to know what I'm defending against, so cast away at me until you get it. I'm not going to try and counter it until then, alright?" He waved the pack of tissues with a smile, "I'll be ready for it."

  • Beginners, on your guardProfessor Daniel Nash, Sat Mar 3 21:15
    Daniel looked out over the Beginner class sternly. He had several reasons to be concerned. The first was that the rumors of the troublemakers in Intermediates were growing rampant and he'd begun to... more
    • Defenses up! — Gary Harper, Aladren, Tue Mar 6 20:39
      • This feels a little silly...Michael DiCaprio - Pecari, Thu Apr 5 20:13
        DADA was fun except for the lecture part, but Mikey felt that way about pretty much all of his classes. He didn't really have a favorite yet, but this class seemed the most useful. Well, at least if... more
    • Here's to childishness.Tatiana Vorontsova, Pecari, Mon Mar 5 23:00
      Dueling was not, at home, something Tatiana thought she would ever use. She was, after all, a girl, which meant that someday she would be a woman, which meant she would never get to do much of... more
      • I am not so sure I like thisHeinrich Hexenmeister, Aladren, Mon Mar 12 21:22
        Heinrich was undecided on his opinion of Professor Nash. On the one hand, he talked too much and was very very wordy, with many of the things he said going completely past Heinrich's ability to... more
    • This seems like the safest option (tag Nathaniel)Dorian Montoir, Teppenpaw, Sat Mar 3 21:59
      Dorian took a seat in defence with a heavy heart, which more or less how he always felt in this class. He hated it. It was violent and scary and full of things that he did not want to happen to him.... more
      • I take it you aren't a legilimens.Nathaniel Mordue, Teppenpaw, Mon Mar 5 21:37
        Defense Against the Dark Arts should not, Nathaniel thought, have been a class anyone liked. For one thing, Professor Nash was kind of strict - though as much could be said of Professor Skies, and... more
        • No, and I hope never to meet oneDorian, Tue Mar 6 06:21
          “Nice to meet you,” he echoed politely and reflexively. That bit was simple enough. There was a pause a fraction longer than might have been considered normal before he smiled at Nathaniel’s... more
          • We're on the same page there.Nathaniel, Wed Mar 7 14:40
            Nathaniel had noticed Dorian’s accent from the start, but couldn’t say that prepared him for the rather difficult sentence his question was answered with. It took him a moment too long, he feared,... more
            • “Yes,” Dorian confirmed hesitantly, when Nathaniel effectively asked if his home language was French. He was always torn when people said that kind of thing. He didn’t want to pretend that he didn’t... more
              • Nathaniel found Dorian’s suggestions on how to proceed a little easier to understand than his earlier remarks and nodded in agreement. “Right,” he said. A coup de grace would, he thought, be somewhat ... more
                • Aaaaand I'm bleedingDorian, Fri Mar 16 09:56
                  Dorian wouldn’t have thought to bow, not spending any more time than he could help on the concept of duelling. Still, he was familiar with its customs, having grown up in a magical household, and he... more
                  • Aaaand now you're notProfessor Daniel Nash, Sat Mar 17 21:14
                    Things were going about as well as could be expected when the assigned curse of the day involved snot. The second years were not doing awful, though enough snotty sneezes were going on around the... more
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