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I like to choose who I entrust my thoughts to
Thu Mar 8, 2018 06:20

“Yes,” Dorian confirmed hesitantly, when Nathaniel effectively asked if his home language was French. He was always torn when people said that kind of thing. He didn’t want to pretend that he didn’t speak any other languages, because that was both untruthful but, more importantly, because it felt disloyal to his mother. However, when the question was ‘Do you speak French at home?’ or some other similar phrasing then saying ‘yes’ was true, and it felt a little bit like showing off to say ‘and Chinese,’ even though he knew it wasn’t really - he wasn’t quite sure why people insisted on being surprised and impressed by something that was basically just an accidental byproduct of who his parents were. As they had a whole other task at hand, he decided to just leave it there, and let Nathaniel figure it out at the point at which he, Dorian, started muttering in What Sounds Like Not French, or he came across him reading a page of Really Obviously Not French at the breakfast table.

“Thank you,” he returned, “And yes,” he confirmed, when Nathaniel asked if they should keep practising. “I suppose perhaps we try to be faster? For example, not wait so much to see if the other is ready. In the real duel, I suppose you just keep firing until the other person is hit,” he proposed, sounding rather morose at that as a prospect. “Well, in the real duel, I suppose you maybe then keep going, but please stop if you do hit me.” It would be bad enough dealing with one unpleasant jinx sneeze, let alone having them constantly fired without hope of rearming one’s defences. “Ok…” he offered, resuming the stance of someone ready to fight off the inbound attack.

  • We're on the same page there.Nathaniel, Wed Mar 7 14:40
    Nathaniel had noticed Dorian’s accent from the start, but couldn’t say that prepared him for the rather difficult sentence his question was answered with. It took him a moment too long, he feared,... more
    • I like to choose who I entrust my thoughts to — Dorian, Thu Mar 8 06:20
      • Nathaniel found Dorian’s suggestions on how to proceed a little easier to understand than his earlier remarks and nodded in agreement. “Right,” he said. A coup de grace would, he thought, be somewhat ... more
        • Aaaaand I'm bleedingDorian, Fri Mar 16 09:56
          Dorian wouldn’t have thought to bow, not spending any more time than he could help on the concept of duelling. Still, he was familiar with its customs, having grown up in a magical household, and he... more
          • Aaaand now you're notProfessor Daniel Nash, Sat Mar 17 21:14
            Things were going about as well as could be expected when the assigned curse of the day involved snot. The second years were not doing awful, though enough snotty sneezes were going on around the... more
            • That's the one good thing about this situation.Nathaniel, Mon Mar 19 06:49
              That he had just asked a stupid question was something Nathaniel realized quickly. He didn’t recognize the word Dorian used - something-grey? Wasn’t that what ‘gris’ meant in French? - but he... more
              • Everything else is pretty awfulDorian, Mon Mar 19 19:25
                Dorian nodded, as Nathaniel apologised. He seemed genuinely startled and sorry by what had happened, and Dorian was willing to chalk it up to being an accident. A small part of his mind tried to... more
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