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I wish I could control my reputation a bit better...
Wed Mar 14, 2018 19:07

Nathaniel found Dorian’s suggestions on how to proceed a little easier to understand than his earlier remarks and nodded in agreement. “Right,” he said. A coup de grace would, he thought, be somewhat ungentlemanly even outside of class, but maybe Dorian wasn’t talking about formalized contests, but, like...what Aurors and Dark wizards did or something. Real fighting, which was not gentlemanly and which Nathaniel therefore hoped to avoid ever doing. It was important to know how, but unless it was absolutely necessary, he did not want to lower himself in any way, ever.

When he had first started his etiquette classes as a little boy, he had regarded all the behaviors he was being taught as essential, just like learning how to feed himself was essential and necessary. Then, however, it had become apparent that not everyone felt that way about the proper way to behave - that being a gentleman was a choice. He was still stuck on one point about this - if one could just choose to follow the rules or not, then how was it that people not born to it couldn’t just...learn? - but overall, it gave him something to stand on - that he was a gentleman, an honorable person. He would do everything right - always keeping his word, avoiding lying, treating others with courtesy, defending the women in his family, being loyal.

The only thing in that list that really applied to Dorian, however, was the requirement that he be courteous, so Nathaniel made a point to remember to bow to his opponent this time, bending until the top of his curly head showed to prove he trusted Dorian to be a gentleman, too, and not hex him while his eyes were averted - a safe bet, as they weren’t angry with each other and Dorian’s role was to defend today, but still. Gestures meant a lot. Then he straightened, and they began sparring.

Going faster was a bit more of a challenge, but Nathaniel was still a bit irritated by the repetitiveness of the thing. If they kept doing this, back and forth, then no-one could clearly win, which was the whole point of sparring, wasn’t it? But no - the point here was to follow orders, not win. The conflict annoyed him -

Achoo!” he said again, and that flash of light proceeded as he expected. The immediately-following red one, however, was not something he expected - or had asked his wand to do - at all. “What?” he said sharply, alarmed, nearly dropping his wand in surprise, and then looked at Dorian in the same emotion. “Did you see that - are you okay?

  • “Yes,” Dorian confirmed hesitantly, when Nathaniel effectively asked if his home language was French. He was always torn when people said that kind of thing. He didn’t want to pretend that he didn’t... more
    • I wish I could control my reputation a bit better... — Nathaniel, Wed Mar 14 19:07
      • Aaaaand I'm bleedingDorian, Fri Mar 16 09:56
        Dorian wouldn’t have thought to bow, not spending any more time than he could help on the concept of duelling. Still, he was familiar with its customs, having grown up in a magical household, and he... more
        • Aaaand now you're notProfessor Daniel Nash, Sat Mar 17 21:14
          Things were going about as well as could be expected when the assigned curse of the day involved snot. The second years were not doing awful, though enough snotty sneezes were going on around the... more
          • That's the one good thing about this situation.Nathaniel, Mon Mar 19 06:49
            That he had just asked a stupid question was something Nathaniel realized quickly. He didn’t recognize the word Dorian used - something-grey? Wasn’t that what ‘gris’ meant in French? - but he... more
            • Everything else is pretty awfulDorian, Mon Mar 19 19:25
              Dorian nodded, as Nathaniel apologised. He seemed genuinely startled and sorry by what had happened, and Dorian was willing to chalk it up to being an accident. A small part of his mind tried to... more
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