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Professor Daniel Nash
Aaaand now you're not
Sat Mar 17, 2018 21:14

Things were going about as well as could be expected when the assigned curse of the day involved snot. The second years were not doing awful, though enough snotty sneezes were going on around the room that Daniel concluded a thorough disinfection of the whole place was going to be absolutely necessary once this class was over. With a bad fever circulating around the school, this was probably not the ideal lesson to be teaching right now, but he was doing his best to shoot out quick cleaning spells when he noticed any snot getting on desks or other surfaces that might see higher than average amounts of people touching them.

He was just sorting out one such mess when he hear a sharp cry of pain, and spun toward the sound in time to see a bloody nose instead of snotty one on one of the second years. The damage didn't look serious - the nose appeared fine other than the blood - and Daniel's course of study at college (the second time, anyway) had drifted close enough to a medical degree that he could stop a simple nosebleed. His wand pointed toward Dorian, and a soft white flash of light flashed toward the boy, ending the bleeding, and hopefully most of the pain as well, though he wasn't a licensed medical professional with a lot of field practice, so he wasn't quite sure if he'd managed the full spell effects or not. He was just a guy who studied how medical charms worked so he could see if he could use that knowledge to help develop treatments for more psychological problems.

And even that wasn't what he ended up getting a job for. He really needed to start getting more resumes out to more research colleges again.

But that wasn't the most immediate problem on his plate right this moment. The most immediate problem was a first year Teppenpaw. Seriously, they just didn't make Teppenpaws like they used to. He frowned seriously at this particular one and crossed his arms sternly. "Ten points from Teppenpaw for being so irresponsible as to harm another student with what should have been a harmless spell." This spell should not have caused any actual physical harm. There was a miniscule chance of it causing a nosebleed as a side effect, but with the way Dorian had cried out, that wasn't what this was. It shouldn't have hurt. Which meant Nathaniel had either done it deliberately by casting a more dangerous hex on purpose, or he had done the spell seriously wrong in a way that must qualify as either incompetent (which seemed unlikely as he'd seen Nathaniel casting it just fine earlier) or reckless (if he was doing something idiotic like adding untested embellishments to it).

And with blood getting spilled, Daniel was going to have to write up an incident report about this. He hated that kind of paperwork. He supposed a few injuries were more or less expected in DADA, every now and then, but he always felt like he'd failed somehow by not preventing them. And the form was long and tedious and basically a punishment in and of itself for any teacher who got so unlucky as to have a student bleed in their class.

"Tell me what happened," he instructed, looking at Nathaniel first, but including Dorian as well, since he'd need to write out both sides of the story for the bloody incident report.

  • Aaaaand I'm bleedingDorian, Fri Mar 16 09:56
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    • Aaaand now you're not — Professor Daniel Nash, Sat Mar 17 21:14
      • That's the one good thing about this situation.Nathaniel, Mon Mar 19 06:49
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        • Everything else is pretty awfulDorian, Mon Mar 19 19:25
          Dorian nodded, as Nathaniel apologised. He seemed genuinely startled and sorry by what had happened, and Dorian was willing to chalk it up to being an accident. A small part of his mind tried to... more
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