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Professor Daniel Nash
Intermediates: Revealations
Fri Mar 23, 2018 23:10

Daniel was beginning to suspect there was something very wrong going on at Sonora. Cleo being a half-Veela was . . . well, not insignificant, but a much smaller part of the year's problems than he would have expected it to be at the start of the term. The bigger issue was, well, everybody. At first, he had taken the problems to be one or two trouble-makers, but he didn't think that was the case anymore, and he felt a bit bad in retrospect for how his had treated Nathaniel Mordue, and to a lesser degree, Jozua Sparks. Nathaniel, at least, had probably not meant to cause any harm, and he had retroactively granted ten points to Teppenpaw for minor things that hadn't necessarily warranted House Points, but Daniel wanted to re-balance the scales there. Jozua, on the other hand, had deliberately skipped several classes, and Daniel was going to stand by his decision to hand out detentions for that, even if he was now more willing to believe 'out of control magic' as the reason.

Daniel was willing to believe that reason because he himself had an incident of out of control magic just that morning, and he planned to go talk to Professor Skies or Headmaster Brockert about it, just as soon as he finished his teaching duties for the day. He wasn't quite sure what was causing it all, but he felt the facts simply did not add up to a ring of pranksters. For some reason, people - a lot of people, far more than could be considered normal for trained witches and wizards, even accounting for the hormones of adolescents during a ball year - were having accidental magic outbursts.

After all, Daniel was under no pressure to produce a date for the ball (though doing so wouldn't be a bad thing), and he had started his day with his breakfast cooking itself (probably for the best, really; he often burned his eggs on Mondays). Worse, this wasn't even the first incident. The first one had been over the weekend, when he was visiting Holly. He had initially tried to blame it on Anya or Philippe, as they were children and prone to accidental outbursts, but Anya had been clear on the other side of the property and Philippe had been up in his room reading. Well, that, and there just wasn't really any reason for either of them to turn Holly's television set into a bookcase full of just exactly the sort of research material he'd been hoping to go purchase at Quills and Tomes later that evening and wishing he'd had available to read instead of watching whatever Disney movie Holly had been trying to find before her TV suddenly transformed.

So if Daniel was causing things like that to happen, and he was a fully trained wizard with two masters degrees, he could hardly blame the students of Sonora for being similarly troubled. As the intermediates began to filter in, he looked around, trying to figure out if he could determine ahead of time who might also be afflicted with this curse. (It could very possibly be an actual curse. He could think of several enchantments that would have these kinds of effects. Or it could be a creature, though probably a very small one if he tracked one from Sonora to Holly's house. Or it could be something else entirely. An illness? A potion?)

He'd definitely need to talk to the other staff later and see if they had any ideas about how this might be spreading or if they had any guesses on likely victims beyond Jozua and Nathaniel.

"Hello, class," he greeted them, once they were all seated. None of them had been so kind as to hand him obvious clues about who was a carrier and who wasn't in their treks from doorway to desk. "Today we will be learning about concealing and revealing charms. Third years, you will be working with Aparecium while fifth years can use Celare. Fourth year may choose which they would like to do. Celare is a concealing charm. I want the students attempting that to write a sentence or two on a piece of parchment, cast the spell on it, and once the message is successfully concealed, pass the paper to your partner doing the other spell. They will cast Aparecium to reveal your hidden message." He took a few minutes then to demonstrate each spell. The revealing charm had no particularly complex wand movements, just pointing at the paper, but the more advanced concealment charm did require a bit of smudging motion which was rather tricky to get right because the wand-tip itself wasn't supposed to move, just the hand holding it.

"If there are no questions, get to it. Raise your hand if you need help."

OOC: Concealing charms have no canon incantation or wand motion, so those are made up. Normally I wouldn't feel I need to advice you not to blow up the classroom with such a tame lesson, but these are unusual times. Tag Daniel if you're 'ploding, please, so he can at least attempt to contain the damage.

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