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Cleo James, Crotalus
Attracting the wrong sort of attention
Sat Mar 24, 2018 21:00

Cleo was slowly starting to feel better. She wouldn’t have said things were back to normal – she wasn’t really sure that normal existed any more to get back to. But things were going forward. She and Parker were friends again, although she was concerned by his reports of explosions. Still, interacting with humans seemed vaguely more achievable, and not only that but actually desirable too.

Their Care of Magical Creatures class with Professor Philpott had also been a surprising positive. She had been a bit thrown when she walked into class and saw a substitute, not being a fan of surprises and changes right now, and the subject matter had also made her worry. She felt like she was living a lie all the time right now. She was fake, and monstrous and felt that she deserved to be regarded with suspicion. She had been worried that the kneazles were just going to scratch her eyes out before she had even opened her mouth. But they hadn’t. They had judged her as they had done everyone else – by her words and her actions. She wasn’t inherently untrustworthy. She had felt so sure that she was just… all wrong, all bad inside. But the kneazles, with their ability to tell unsavoury types, had rubbed against her fingers and purred, so long as she had been truthful and kind.

And that was what had her in a more sociable mood as she entered Defence Against the Dark Arts. She had been able to believe that she wasn’t a monster for the first time since coming back. Also, it had been nice to be liked. She thought again about how things had been going… Maybe it wasn’t such a terrible idea to try talking to her classmates a bit more. She actually found herself wanting people to like her, to want to be around her. She wasn’t sure whether any of her fellow intermediates had noticed her withdrawing into herself, and that in itself was sort of depressing. She didn’t want to become literally invisible – especially as that was, apparently, going around at the moment. The incident in Herbology had been so bizarre that it had only added to her conviction that there was something odd going on right now that really was nothing to do with her.

She therefore wasn’t terrified when Professor Nash set them pair work for the day. She was actually sort of pleased. The spell itself sounded fun too. She couldn’t wait until Parker was old enough to do it too, and they could send each other secret notes. Well, not so secret if anyone older than third year could crack them, but it was the fun of it that really mattered. It wasn’t like she and Parker had a lot of secret things to tell each other. Well… she had one big one, but she wasn’t likely to just scribble it in a note. She still had to work that one out… But right now she wasn’t going down that mental rabbit hole again. She was going to be bright, and sparkly and nice, so that someone would want her as a partner.

And, unbeknownst to her, starting to want that kind of thing was leading to her giving off some very dangerous signals. And before she’d needed to brave going up to someone, someone was coming up to her…

OOC – yup, she’s veela-ing at the room at large. Probably not strongly enough to affect everyone, but anyone sitting near to her is going to suddenly be very interested.

  • Intermediates: RevealationsProfessor Daniel Nash, Fri Mar 23 23:10
    Daniel was beginning to suspect there was something very wrong going on at Sonora. Cleo being a half-Veela was . . . well, not insignificant, but a much smaller part of the year's problems than he... more
    • I think I'm a fairly open book [Tag Juniper]Finn Scott, Teppenpaw, Tue Mar 27 15:30
      Finn was in fifth year now, 15 going on 16, which was a very exciting fact. According to him, that was – his mother liked to jokingly say that it just made her feel old. Finn being older meant that,... more
      • I try not to beJuniper Brockert, Teppenpaw, Sat Apr 14 19:12
        Like probably many girls at Sonora, Juniper had the ball on her mind. However, it was probably in somewhat of a different context because she felt....not exactly ambivalent but definitely two ways... more
    • Attracting the wrong sort of attention — Cleo James, Crotalus, Sat Mar 24 21:00
      • I am a bad person. A very bad person.Winston Pierce, Crotalus, Tue Apr 3 21:03
        Defense Against the Dark Arts was not Winston's favorite class - Professor Nash was remarkably talented at making them over-analyze all the fun out of it - but he would grant that he learned the... more
        • Defences up!Cleo, Wed Apr 4 09:11
          Cleo blinked slightly in surprise when Winston Pierce approached her, and asked to be her partner. She was pretty sure he’d never said as much as two words to her before, outside perhaps of some... more
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