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Finn Scott, Teppenpaw
I think I'm a fairly open book [Tag Juniper]
Tue Mar 27, 2018 15:30

Finn was in fifth year now, 15 going on 16, which was a very exciting fact. According to him, that was – his mother liked to jokingly say that it just made her feel old. Finn being older meant that, as ever, he was getting more involved in the family business. His father and grandfather were both advocates of the idea of gradually involving him, rather than overloading him at a young age, or suddenly expecting him to be able to fully participate the moment he became of age. Finn was happy with this, enjoying getting involved with family matters but also still appreciating having some freedom when at home. He also enjoyed the balls that he now got to attend more frequently, although that wasn’t as possible at school. Except for this year – Finn was looking forward to the midsummer ball!

It was also great to finally be one of the older ones in his class again, instead of always having inferior knowledge. Of course, he knew that everyone had experienced being a younger year in a class, but there was something reassuring in not being at a disadvantage.

Finn found the Defense Against the Dark Arts lessons to be a mixed bag. He wasn’t so gone on the more duelling-style lessons, although he acknowledged that they could be useful. Today’s lesson, however, sounded like it was going to be fun, something more along the lines of the games he’d played with his cousins as a child. He didn’t play games anymore, of course, but he was still excited to try out the task.

Professor Nash hadn’t specified who they had to pair up with, so Finn turned to find Juniper. He liked working with her, and this wasn’t a duelling lesson, so he didn’t have to be torn between wanting to not duel her, and wanting to protect her from other, rougher, students. This was a lesson she’d probably be quite good at, if her transfiguration skills went so far as to helping out other subjects (did this count as transfiguration? Finn decided his brain wasn’t made for analysing that question), and it would be nice to spend some more time with her.

“Would you like to work with me?” he asked Juniper, not really expecting her to turn him down, but not wanting to assume.

OOC: Finally got round to tagging Juniper, sorry!

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    • I think I'm a fairly open book [Tag Juniper] — Finn Scott, Teppenpaw, Tue Mar 27 15:30
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