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Winston Pierce, Crotalus
I am a bad person. A very bad person.
Tue Apr 3, 2018 21:03

Defense Against the Dark Arts was not Winston's favorite class - Professor Nash was remarkably talented at making them over-analyze all the fun out of it - but he would grant that he learned the material well and it was one of the classes that he earned a solid O in regularly. As such, as he listened to the day's instructions, he figured he'd probably stretch himself and try the fifth year exercise rather than the third year one. At his desk, he practiced the odd little wand motion a few times before looking around him for an appropriate partner.

Ordinarily, blood status would have dictated that Cleo James was not an ideal candidate, but today something about her just made him want to ignore such dictates. He found himself on his feet before he had consciously decided to approach her. As he drew closer, he noticed the pretty way the classroom lights reflected off her lovely hair. "Hi," he said, and kicked himself for the informality. Bad enough he was talking to her at all. Where were his manners? "That is, would you care to be my partner today, Miss James?"

"You look much happier today than you have been," he noted, not realizing he had noticed this at all until he said it, but it was true. She was smiling and it transformed her into a radiant beauty. His eyes drifted below the smile and he quickly corrected the gaze to a latitude of much greater propriety. He was a bad person for looking at all. She wasn't even of the right social class for him to have that sort of interest in her, no matter how pretty.

And she was pretty. So very pretty. Pity about that class thing. She would look glorious in a ball gown.

She did look glorious in a ball gown. He blinked and stumbled back a step, confused by the sudden transformation of Cleo's school robes. "Erm, you may be a tad overdressed for the lesson, however," he remarked. "Not that you aren't beautiful like that," he added hastily, because it would never do not to compliment a woman in a ball gown, "because you really are."

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    • I am a bad person. A very bad person. — Winston Pierce, Crotalus, Tue Apr 3 21:03
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