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Kyte Collindale, Pecari
This doesn't exactly play to my strengths
Wed Apr 4, 2018 11:10

Kyte entered the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom chattering away to Ben. He didn’t particularly notice Professor Nash’s lack of talking. He wasn’t really one to stop talking or start paying attention until absolutely required to do so. He only really stopped talking because Ben kicked him under the table, and then he noticed that Professor Nash was making words appear on the board. Words that he was probably meant to be reading.

Nonverbal spellcasting.

“Ohh. That’s why he’s being so quiet. I get it now,” he whispered to Ben.

Pop quiz. Try it.

“Try it. Oh. Try non-verbal spells. Right. That’s cool. I always wanted to be able to do those,” he continued, however unlikely a coupling the words ‘non-verbal’ and ‘Kyte’ seemed. The fact that he was whispering was, for Kyte, being quiet. He had never really mastered the art of not saying everything that came into his head, and unless Ben or any of his other classmates could master a non-verbal silencing spell, now was not likely to be the moment at which he achieved it.

“First year spells-” he was about to ask what they’d learnt in first year cos that was like, forever ago, when he noticed he was getting A Look from Professor Nash, and stopped talking.

“It doesn’t say no talking…” he pointed out to Ben, earning him Another Look. Fine. He would be quiet. He would be quiet and think of a spell… He flicked his fingernail against his teeth as he thought, not really noticing that this also made noise. He liked the dancing charm. He managed to refrain from mentioning this, merely rummaging through his bag (humming softly to himself because dancing made him think of he found something he thought he could make dance. He found an interesting stick that he’d picked up whilst wandering through the gardens. It was all twisty and cool and he’d thought he’d do something with it. That had been… a while ago. He’d sort of forgotten that he’d picked it up.

He pointed his wand at the stick, imagining it throwing down the funky stick moves it surely had deep within its little wooden soul. Nothing happened. He tried a couple of more times, noticing his sister’s paper fluttering off the desk. Kyte was definitely in the right house, in that he desired quick results from his actions. Non-verbal spells were not living up to expectations.

“Whoa!” he exclaimed, as Joe’s inkwell hit him on the head and deposited ink all over him. “Dude… Are you ok?” he asked, because that looked like it had hurt.

OOC - god-modding of Ben and Daniel approved by their author.

  • Do I get technical credit for this?Joe Umland, Teppenpaw , Sat Feb 17 22:10
    ”Non-verbal magic’s a massive pain in the – feet,” Julian had said when she and John had been discussing upper years with Joe. ”Like you’re trying to wear really strappy stilettos all evening to one... more
    • This doesn't exactly play to my strengths — Kyte Collindale, Pecari, Wed Apr 4 11:10
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