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Michael DiCaprio - Pecari
This feels a little silly...
Thu Apr 5, 2018 20:13

DADA was fun except for the lecture part, but Mikey felt that way about pretty much all of his classes. He didn't really have a favorite yet, but this class seemed the most useful. Well, at least if he was ever to go into battle or something. Mikey thought it would be cool to be an Auror someday, but it was also a scary job. Healing people, like his dad, was his second option, but honestly he felt more inclined to deal with trouble. At least, trouble that wouldn't get him killed.

Mikey was pretty nervous about shooting jinxes at someone else and having someone shoot jinxes at him. The Dueling Club sounded pretty cool though. He was pretty sure his brother would hate to join something like that, so that meant Mikey had to be interested in it. He wanted to join all the clubs, but also do nothing and focus on learning. It was a hard line to walk sometimes.

He covered his mouth with his hand to stop from giggling out loud at the incantation. Achoo? That was just silly. He couldn't imagine saying the spell without laughing at himself or feeling ridiculous. Mikey imagined it in his mind first and almost rolled his eyes at the vision. Maybe if he said it to himself enough it would sound more normal than it did currently.

One of his classmates approached him and Mikey felt relieved that he didn't have to search for an older student to talk to. He liked Jasmine a lot even though they didn't really talk much outside of class, but she probably had her own friends.

"Are you sure?" This guy actually wanted to experience the jinx. That was weird. "Um, okay then. Here I go." Mikey felt uncomfortable with this whole situation, but he pointed his wand at Gary and said, "Achoo," tentatively. Unsurprisingly, nothing happened. Mikey cleared his throat before trying again. "Achoo." He really hated saying this jinx. "Achoo." It was embarrassing that he had to say it so many times, so finally he said it with more confidence: "Achoo!" Something finally came out of his wand and he watched to see what Gary's reaction would be.

  • Defenses up!Gary Harper, Aladren, Tue Mar 6 20:39
    Gary still liked Defense the best out of all of his classes. It felt the most like he was training to be a true adventuring wizard, ready to go smite evil and save the day. As usual, he arrived early ... more
    • This feels a little silly... — Michael DiCaprio - Pecari, Thu Apr 5 20:13
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