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Aisha Kapoor
Off one list and onto another
Fri Apr 13, 2018 09:01

The quarantine was a pain in the backside. Whilst going home for the holidays had certain disadvantages (such as lectures on why she hadn’t found a suitable young man yet), it was still ‘home’ and ‘holidays.’ There were waffles for breakfast. There were presents. There was her family who, although they were a pain in the backside sometimes, were still her family. And there were days off work and alcohol. Her job as medic here wasn’t intense in the conventional sense - she didn’t have so many patients to see that she could barely keep up. But she had to be on all the time. She was on call 24/7, and it was just so wearing. She had been looking forward staying with her sister for a couple of days before going home, going out and getting a little crazy. Drinking. Dancing. Having fun with unsuitable men that she’d never take home to meet her parents and who wouldn’t want to go with her. She wasn’t really interested in anything much more serious than that. It was clear her job here was completely incompatible with any kind of social life, so why try for it? It would have been nice if it hadn’t stopped her having any kind of fun though...

This was what she was thinking of when an owl flew into her office. She thanked it politely and unfurled the letter it had brought, finding it to be from Daniel. Daniel Nash II, apparently, to give him his full name. She retrieved his medical notes. She had been very diligently not looking at them until she had a legitimate reason to do so, even though he and Rory had both caught her eye. Early thirties. So, not too much older than her, though she liked that she was still the other side of that dividing line. And a Muggleborn. Interesting. Given the numeral and the way he wrote, she wouldn’t have guessed that. Posh Muggleborn then, and perhaps slightly anally retentive. Not that daily temperature checks were a bad idea, but the little analysis he gave of himself… He could definitely put ‘detail oriented’ on his resume without it being a word of a lie, it seemed. It was something of a surprise. Grayson, you took one look at and immediately assumed the words ‘serious’ and maybe even, if feeling unkind, ‘nerdy.’ Daniel…. Daniel had had her thinking the words ‘casual’ and ‘fun’ but judging by his note, that might not quite be the case. And anyway, he was now a patient, and she had told herself she could only lust after him and Rory whilst they weren’t. Not that jumping into bed with one’s colleagues was exactly a stellar lifestyle choice, but at least it wasn’t a violation of basic professional ethics.

The note said to come at her earliest convenience. She was free now… But it wasn’t like Daniel was in danger of dropping dead if she took time to make herself a little more presentable. Not that she was going to flirt with a patient (which he now was) and not that she was going to make herself up to the degree that it was obvious, because that would look weird, but she had her vanity, and using a bit of concealer on the bags under her eyes before she had to come face to face with a good looking guy seemed entirely reasonable. Overall, she thought she wasn’t looking bad. Sonora was agreeing with her in some ways - without a full caseload, she had plenty of free time. She had always enjoyed exercising and now she had time for it. Yoga a few days a week in the MARS room was definitely paying off. She just looked a little tired.

“Take me to your master,” she instructed the owl, no more than ten minutes after it had initially arrived, following it as it set off through the corridors. She knocked when it stopped outside a door, finding herself admitted to Daniel’s living quarters, which were somewhat dominated by a giant tree of presents. Aisha managed to not do a double take at it, but only because she had years of professional training in not reacting with shock or surprise at the weirdest things. She was glad that Daniel volunteered an explanation though, as she had definitely been curious about it.

“I see,” she nodded, again concealing her surprise that he was related to a student - one of the limited number of second years she had actually met, in fact, though as he wasn’t Jasmine’s parent she erred on the side of not disclosing that fact. She also did not throw a second, pointed glance over the pile of presents, wondering just how spoilt said niece was. “Clearly a role you relish,” she smiled sardonically, as he talked about having to play Santa. The idea of him playing happy families (however unwillingly) with his little niece was further at odds with the ideas she’d been having about him. It was way too discordant to chit chat about his niece and mentally undress him at the same time. And he was a patient.

“Wherever you prefer,” she answered. He opted for the couch, and she followed him over, remaining standing because sitting down with him seemed too casual for a doctor-patient relationship. It meant she had the height advantage, and further enforced the point in her mind that there was a power dynamic going on here that did not mix well with the thoughts she’d been having about him. “I’m sure you’re right about your temperature, but let’s see. Then it’ll probably be a dose on Fever Be Gone and just make sure you rest plenty today.” The thermometre floated out of her bag, and over to Daniel, confirming what his had said. “I’m not expecting you to get worse, but I’d like to be keeping an eye on you. The best way is adding you to the salutometre in my office, which will let me know how you’re doing. It’ll also tell me when you’re awake tomorrow, so I can come and check on you - you might be alright as we’ve caught it early, but a lot of the students needed a second dose to really shake it. May I?” she asked and, when she received his permission, held out her wand, “You may feel a slight tingling sensation,” she advised, before tapping him lightly on the head, muttering softly.
“I’ll let the elves know to bring you some dinner. If you want something specific, let them know directly,” she informed him. Sometimes when people were sick, they didn’t have much appetite, so she didn’t want to make it entirely his responsibility to sort out dinner, because he might not bother although it would probably do him good. Equally though, people often craved something particular when they were ill, and if there was anything that was going to entice him to eat properly, then it was a good idea for him to have it. This seemed the best way of balancing out those issues.

“Anything else?” she checked.

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    • Off one list and onto another — Aisha Kapoor, Fri Apr 13 09:01
      • I really feel like going to bedAisha Kapoor, Fri May 4 09:47
        Aisha had been up for a while when the salutometre informed her that Daniel was awake. Her hair was freshly washed, and actually neatly tied in a French braid rather than her usual sloppy ponytail.... more
        • I’m not tired anymore Daniel Nash, Wed Jun 6 11:29
          Daniel awoke feeling much better than had when he closed his eyes. He’d had a quiet day after she left, some reading mostly, a couple short naps. He hadn’t been very hungry when dinner time rolled... more
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