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Juniper Brockert, Teppenpaw
I try not to be
Sat Apr 14, 2018 19:12

Like probably many girls at Sonora, Juniper had the ball on her mind. However, it was probably in somewhat of a different context because she felt....not exactly ambivalent but definitely two ways about it. The Teppenpaw generally hated social events, she felt awkward and out of place, even more so than usual. To her, they were a terrifying prospect. She was always worried about doing and saying the right thing and how she looked.

Of course, a school ball wasn't quite the same as a society ball, but still, she was really anxious about being in a room with the entire school at once. Juniper didn't even like being in class because of all the other people, so a ball was even worse. And if she messed up at a ball, she'd still have to see people day in and day out until she graduated. Not to mention there'd be harsh words from Mother.

On the other hand, she...still wanted Finn to ask her badly. In fact, if she didn't go with Finn, she didn't want to go at all.

And the idea that he might want to go with someone else kind of made Juniper want to throw up. She had to admit that she'd be utterly devasted and heart broken if that happened. But why would he want to go with her out of all the girls at Sonora? True, Finn had asked her last time but...well, it seemed Finn had gotten more comfortable here and she hadn't. She couldn't help but worried that he'd be embarassed to be seen with her.

At least, though, Defense today wasn't going to add to Juniper's anxiety. Unlike dueling where she was terrified that someone was going to deliberately throw hexes that went beyond what was required just to pick on her, the concealing charm put her in no real danger.

Except the whole partner thing. Fortunately, the one and only person she really wanted to work with approached her. "Of course!" Juniper replied. She always loved spending time with Finn.

OOC-It's okay, I've not been the best about posting lately myself. Sorry it took me awhile to reply.

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