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Professor Daniel Nash
Intermediates - Boggarts
Sun Apr 29, 2018 16:44

Daniel was starting the new year with the dangerous creatures unit, which he normally rather enjoyed, but this year . . . was complicated. Veelas were completely off the curriculum this year, not that they were up the sentient creature section yet, but it would come up later and he was hoping the older students wouldn't read to much into their absence. The fourth years and Zevalyn Ives, at least, might reasonably assume he mixed up which creatures he covered each year, and it was simply an off year for veelas, which wasn't a bad assumption since he did do that with other creatures. Even fifth years could just figure he was on a rotating pattern that exposed everyone to them twice during their intermediate career instead of three times, which again, he did with some spells. So not covering veelas was probably not noteworthy enough to cause any suspicion, especially since he hadn't been teaching at Sonora long enough to have developed any clear patterns yet. So that part was fine.

What was less fine was that there was an actual half-veela in his class this year, and they were both acutely aware of that fact, and he was a bit afraid she was going to regard anything negative he said about any other dangerous creature covered in this unit as applying to her. Yesterday, he had opened the topic and given fair warning that the non-sentient creatures were dangerous and active magical predators, but they were animals and most were not inherently evil, they were just doing what they had evolved to do to survive. Which, in the case of boggarts, the first such creature under study, was to feed off the fear of wizards. Also, today, they would be getting to experience one in person.

He hadn't been able to get an actual boggart last year for demonstration, and boggarts had already been covered by the time he took over the year before that (and he didn't think Professors Carter or Pye had done a practical lesson on them that year either, though he wouldn't swear to that), so there was no precedent for how he had previously handled a practical lesson in boggarts. "Before we bring out the boggart today, is there anybody who wants to take a pass to the library for this period, especially if you think you're infected with the plague or have some other reason to fear extreme emotion this year? Also, I'm not letting everybody here run away, so I'm putting a maximum limit of five on this offer, so if you think you can handle this lesson without endangering the class, please try." He was glad for a moment that Jasmine was still a beginner or he would have had to make a conscious decision about whether or not to give her a very stern look at that. Fortunately, he was spared calling out his niece in public this time around.

The offer was made mostly for Cleo's benefit, so if the half-veela needed an out on potentially revealing her deepest fear, she had one, so after he made sure she got one of the passes if she wanted it and the library kids escaped, he levitated out the heavy chest with the boggart in it. "As we covered yesterday," he reminded those who were left, "boggarts like to live in dark places like closets and attics, and old storage chests like this one." He set it down and it rattled a bit as the boggart inside sensed the food supply nearby and tried to get out. "Please line up and remember the spell you learned yesterday. Boggarts feed off of fear and hate the taste of joy and amusement, so they will retreat when they taste that. Riddikulus itself doesn't actually affect them at all. When you see a boggart, what you think you are seeing is only a mental projection - an illusion - of your strongest fear. What riddikilous does is change that illusion, so that it can invoke amusement instead of fear from those who perceive it, which in turn makes you all start tasting awful and the boggart retreats. Stay calm. Stay focused. What you see will not be real. Remember that and try your best to find everything hilarious."

"You're up," he told the unfortunate victim at the front of the line and he opened the chest to release the boggart.

OOC: As stated, some people can run away to the library. For everyone else, Daniel's on hand to prevent major emergencies, so /g him if one starts to occur. Have fun! After the first person, assume the boggart gets sent back into the chest and he opens it up again for the next person.

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