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Aisha Kapoor
I really feel like going to bed
Fri May 4, 2018 09:47

Aisha had been up for a while when the salutometre informed her that Daniel was awake. Her hair was freshly washed, and actually neatly tied in a French braid rather than her usual sloppy ponytail. She preferred her hair loose, but that wasn’t very professional. Arguably making sure she looked presentable for a patient wasn’t either, but it wasn’t like she was going to do anything, and she just didn’t want her (rather attractive) colleague to think she was a sloppy mess.

She made her way to his rooms, toting along her medical supplies although she fully expected him to be back to normal.

“Good morning,” she greeted. “Did you sleep well?” He looked substantially better. And even when he’d been ill, he had still been pretty easy on the eye… It was a shame that she was forced to wear healers’ robes to attend to him, because he was very unlikely to think the same about her given the baggy, shapeless garment in eyeballing lime green. Which she was suddenly no longer wearing. In place of her robes, she had on a set of peach silk pyjamas. And not especially substantial ones. A skimpy little vest top which was only just long enough to brush the waistband of the rather short shorts.

“Excuse you,” she raised an eyebrow at Daniel, before the realisation hit that this wasn’t in line with the profile of the disease, given that he’d already had the fever. And given what she’d been thinking… “Or maybe not…” she amended. “I suppose I am jealous of anyone whose getting plenty of sleep, or might get a day in bed” she bluffed. One of the skills she had learnt early on as a doctor was to say almost everything with absolute confidence and conviction. Not that she would ever lie to her patients - sometimes, in the medical world and the magical world, you really had no clue what was going on, but if you said that with enough seriousness, people still somehow felt reassured. She thought the rest and relaxation excuse was a fairly reasonable one. And Daniel had no way of knowing that her default bedtime wear was seriously comfy and practical cotton pyjamas. Perhaps she wore stuff like this all the time...

“Open up,” she instructed, brandishing the thermometre, as if she conducted house visits in sexy pyjamas every day. It was actually sort of fun… She didn’t lack confidence in any way - not in personality, and not in her body. She knew she looked damn good in what she was wearing, and it was only embarrassing if she acted like it was. She stood, hand on hip, casually ran a hand through her hair (which, she realised, had come loose during the transformation), not appearing the least bit uncomfortable or self-conscious whilst she waited for the device to make its reading.

Back to normal, back to work! it chirped out.

“It’s the holidays,” she reminded it, returning it to her bag.

“Let’s take you off the patient list,” she added to Daniel, tapping him on the head with a quick finite. “I wouldn’t advise running any marathons today, or doing any strenuous marking but… You’re officially a free man again.”

  • Off one list and onto anotherAisha Kapoor, Fri Apr 13 09:01
    The quarantine was a pain in the backside. Whilst going home for the holidays had certain disadvantages (such as lectures on why she hadn’t found a suitable young man yet), it was still ‘home’ and... more
    • I really feel like going to bed — Aisha Kapoor, Fri May 4 09:47
      • I’m not tired anymore Daniel Nash, Wed Jun 6 11:29
        Daniel awoke feeling much better than had when he closed his eyes. He’d had a quiet day after she left, some reading mostly, a couple short naps. He hadn’t been very hungry when dinner time rolled... more
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