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Ivy Brockert, Teppenpaw
From the Silly Pureblood Files
Fri May 18, 2018 16:01

Although Ivy had been disappointed to not go home for the holiday break, it hadn't been really been all that terrible as she'd still had Vlad, Peyton, Natalie, Kira and Fabian. Plus, Vlad had invited her and Peyton to the ice skating gathering that his roommate had put together. Granted, she'd been the only third year invited, but Ivy didn't really mind. She was from Minnesota and really liked ice skating so it had been fun.

Now, though, midterm was over and they were back in classes. Honestly, the Teppenpaw didn't really mind that either. She'd always enjoyed learning.

However, Ivy couldn't say she was thrilled about the lesson they were having today. Boggarts. Who really wanted to face what they were most afraid of, especially within a group of one's peers? Intellectually she knew that the lesson was necessary but it still seemed rather cruel.

At least Professor Nash was letting some of them go to the library. That was really compassionate of him. She didn't think she needed to use one of the passes though, it was much better to leave them for someone who really did. She would feel bad if they freaked out and embarassed themselves because she had been selfish enough to take the pass.

Besides, she really did want to learn how to defeat a boggart. Who knew when one would pop up? They could be anywhere.

She found herself in the middle of the group. Just because Ivy wanted to learn didn't mean she was going to rush right in. She was eager but not that eager.

When her turn came, the boggart morphed at once into her worst fear,a Viking, dressed primarily in tradtional Viking garb, complete with a sword. However, there was one exception. He was wearing a t-shirt that said "Minnesota" on it. Yup, he was a Minnesota Viking! Ivy had always found Vikings in her history lessons to be frightening so to know they were still around and in her own state was quite frankly a bit unnerving.

And he was pointing that sword directly at her! Where was Arabella with her fencing skills when Ivy needed her?

Okay, funny, she had to make this funny. Hmm....well, maybe if the sword was a huge fish. And the Viking was wearing a court jester's hat instead. And he was yodeling. Yes, that would do. "Riddikulus" Ivy called and with the bells on his new hat jingling, the Viking thrust his fish at her, and attempted to say something that was probably vulgar and threatening but came out as a yodel.

The Teppenpaw stepped back and let the next person go ahead.

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    • From the Silly Pureblood Files — Ivy Brockert, Teppenpaw, Fri May 18 16:01
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        • I don't think yours is that silly.Ivy, Thu Jul 5 21:29
          Ivy stood back and watched the rest of the boggarts. She felt kind of wrong about it, like she was invading their privacy even though they had all seen hers. That was one thing about doing them in a... more
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