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Cleo James
Looking for answers [Tag Professor Nash]
Sat May 19, 2018 21:38

Cleo had been immensely grateful for the pass on the boggart class. She knew that it would have turned into some… representation of what she was. Whether it would have been herself spitting fire from a bird-like face, or Parker’s body lying broken she didn’t know. But both options were horrible, and she was definitely not ready to face them. She knew she had to acknowledge and deal with her issues, and she was trying, she had told Parker, but seeing it so graphically was another thing altogether. It might also have opened her up to the questions and suspicions of her classmates, especially if it had been the former incarnation… She knew that people had to know. Eventually. She had to make sure people were safe from her. And this was what was bringing her to Professor Nash’s office now.

She felt nervous about going to see him, not only because of the content of the discussion she planned on having but because she hadn’t exactly done a lot of seeking out of people. Especially male people. Being one to one in a room with a male professor felt like something semi not allowed. Of course, she was bringing one of the prairie elves with her, but that didn’t exactly help it feel less awkward, in that it just drew attention to what was wrong with her.

She knocked on his door. She entered hesitantly - after all, it was fair to assume he had thought it was a human being when he’d heard her knock. Maybe he wouldn’t want her in his office.

“I wanted to talk to you...” she said almost apologetically, “I brought supervision,” she nodded at the elf, as if she needed to justify her presence, and point out that all the requirements had been met. She only took a seat when invited explicitly to do so.

“Thanks for the pass in the boggart class,” she began. She really wanted to hug her knees up to her chest but she was aware that that would bring her feet onto the seat, and it was not how you were supposed to sit on a chair in a teacher’s office. She settled for hugging her arms firmly around herself instead. “Do you really believe what you’ve been saying in class? About monsters not being all that bad? Or are just trying to sugarcoat it to spare the feelings of the monster in the room?” she asked, looking him dead in the eye, ready to search his face for any signs of him lying to her.

    • Why me?Daniel Nash, Sun May 27 09:02
      "Come in," Daniel called resignedly when a knock sounded on his door. He'd been stuck inside Sonora for much too long, and he was well passed the point of being happy to see his students during his... more
      • It's literally your jobCleo, Mon May 28 07:20
        Professor Nash didn’t seem pleased to answer her questions, even though he was a teacher, and that was literally his job. He was even glaring at her. He was also being totally ridiculous, because she ... more
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