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Tabitha Hawthorne
Advanced - The Patronus Charm
Sun May 20, 2018 03:26

Selina had to say that things were looking up, slightly. It had been confirmed that illness going around was a one time sort of thing, rather like Dragon Pox - once someone had had it once, they were not going to catch it again. That meant those who had already been ill were now free to move in and out of the quarantine. That meant she could let Tarquin and Daniel return to living off campus, and - having confirmed that she’d been through the illness already - invite their new Defence Professor, Tabitha Hawthorne, to come and join them. She had given Professor Hawthorne a tour of the school, and a couple of days to talk to her predecessor, observe his classes, and go over the curriculum together so that there was a smooth transition for the students, and so that the new teacher got a chance to ask anything she needed to know. She had also explained that the interview question about half-veela had been anything but hypothetical, although she’d left it to Daniel to discuss how he was dealing with it. Luckily, Tabitha didn’t have to face that particular issue in her first class, as she was going to be meeting the advanced students first. An intimidating prospect in some senses, but they did have the advantages of all wanting to be there, having actively chosen the class, and they also seemed to currently have fewer cases of accidental magic, as well as generally having themselves more under control than the younger students.

Tabitha ran a hand through her short hair, pushing the strands away from her face. Today, in just a few minutes, her first class of her brand new teaching career would be walking in through the doors at the back of the classroom. She had hoped for something a little easier, some small first years who were probably just as new as she was. She had no such luck, though. Her first class would be with the oldest years in the school and suffice to say, she was feeling a bit ill. She was standing against her new desk and slouched slightly, her fingers pressing into the smooth wood, tense. She had to relax.

She glanced to her right, where the previous DADA professor Daniel Nash was sitting in order to observe and gave a weak smile. He’d been a great help to her, the pair having discussed the curriculum he’d been teaching to the students and having passed her plenty of advice and information to help her survive her first teaching experience. Now, it was mostly up to her.

The doors at the back of the classroom opened, signalling the arrival of her students and she straightened. She could not give the appearance of nerves or they’d eat her alive. She watched quietly as they filed in and took their seats, ready for her to teach them. She gave one last look at Daniel before clearing her throat and addressing them.

“Good morning, class,” she smiled at them, taking in a few of their faces. She flicked her wand towards the chalk so it rose to write her name on the blackboard. “I am Professor Tabitha Hawthorne, your new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, quite obviously.”

“Today, we’re going to be dealing with some very advanced magic, the Patronus charm. This spell, in order to work properly and powerfully, requires full access to your emotions. Specifically, your happiest ones, your happiest memories, your thoughts. It is for this reason why it is considered one of the hardest spells to learn and cast as it is often needed when you are in danger. A patronus can take two forms, a non-corporeal one which is no more than just vapour or a mist and a corporeal one, one which takes the physical form of an animal. The animal is a reflection of a person’s innermost personality, their very soul even... So everybody’s corporeal patronus will be different.”

Tabitha could hear the chalk scribbling down notes on the board behind her and she felt much more confident in herself. Defence was something she knew, something she was comfortable in. She was starting to feel more relaxed as she continued on.

“It is an effective repellent against Dementors and Lethifolds and, the corporeal patronuses, can be used to send messages or warnings to other wizards and in that instance, it is possible to cast more than one at the same time. The incantation and wand movement are both simple but, as you will discover, success in casting the spell is very, very difficult.”

“The incantation is Expecto Patronum and the movement of your wand is only a circular one that you can do more than once to build the power. I shall demonstrate and then, it will be your turn.”

She gave a grin to the students, looking almost excited at the prospect of the students having a crack at the spell. She raised her wand and moved it in three smooth circles while repeating the very incantation she’d just told the students to use. From the tip of her wand, vapour spurted and formed a shield in front of her, rippling in the air. After a few seconds, she let it dissipate and smiled again.

“And that, class, is what I would like you to aim for. A non-corporeal shield. Remember, you need your happiest memories, your happiest thoughts. You will need room so let’s move the desks and chairs to one side and then spread out!”

As the scraping sound of desks and chairs filled the room, she moved over to where Daniel was. Keeping her eyes on the students, she whispered to him, “So, how am I doing?”

OOC - first paragraph written by Selina, the rest by Tabitha, with permission for god-modding of Daniel. Usual class rules apply - 200 words minimum, but the more detailed your response is, the higher you will score. Please tag Tabitha in the subject line if anything is occurring that would need her to intervene.

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