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Daniel Nash
Why me?
Sun May 27, 2018 09:02

"Come in," Daniel called resignedly when a knock sounded on his door. He'd been stuck inside Sonora for much too long, and he was well passed the point of being happy to see his students during his off-class hours, even the ones he liked. It had been terrible enough at the beginning when his freedom and his holiday plans were abruptly cut off, and it hadn't gotten any better over time. It had given him the chance to find that boggart for class in a forgotten attic storage area he never would have found if he hadn't been stuck here so long, but he really just wanted get away from this whole place, if only for a couple of days. He was starting to go stir crazy, and hooking up with the medic was looking like a better and better idea.

He wasn't any more or less disappointed when the student hesitantly entering his office was Cleo James than he would have been about anyone else, but a moment of dread did creep into his heart wonder what she wanted with him. Was she going to want to talk about hormonal boys looking at her in ways she didn't approve of because she thought he knew some magic way to make that stop? That wasn't something he wanted to discuss with Jasmine nevermind Cleo. He really wasn't paid enough for this.

He waved negligently as she mentioned the elf, which he had come to think of as a given these days. If the elf hadn't been there, that would have caused him some concern, if only for proof of propriety reasons, but otherwise, it was hardly worth mentioning, and he waved her in to take a seat when she seemed content to hover near the door. "Take a seat, it'll be more comfortable for both of us."

She did finally, and he nodded in acknowledgement of the pass on the boggart class, though honestly he'd done it as much to spare himself as he did her.

And then she had the gall to accuse him of lying.

Daniel frowned and narrowed his eyes in irritation. "I would not endanger the entire intermediate class by lying about the course material," he denied with more than a little heat. "First of all, it could actually be important for some of you in a real life situation. Secondly, I'm an Aladren and would never offer false information as fact. That could set back not only all of your grades, which would reflect poorly on me as a teacher if everyone in my class got the same thing wrong on their CATS, but could lead to biases and false foundations later in life which could lead to bad research from anyone studying Defense, and put back the entire wizarding world even more than it already is where science and social justice is concerned."

He scowled at her - not a particularly intimidating expression on his set of pretty-boy features - but it expressed his displeasure with her question perfectly well. "Let me make this very clear. You are not a monster. Werewolves are not monsters. Vampires are not - well," he stopped abruptly and grimaced, bobbing his head from side to side with indecision, "Vampires have a good case for them being monsters, but you are not a vampire. You are a half-veela, not even a whole veela, mind you, a mere half-veela. You have plenty of self-determination from your father's side, and enough to tip the balance from your mother's. I'm not saying I'd be happy about having a full veela in this school, but a half-one can certainly hold on to her humanity without endangering everybody around her if she's careful."

"And that's a fact with no candy coating. Is that clear?"

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