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It's literally your job
Mon May 28, 2018 07:20

Professor Nash didn’t seem pleased to answer her questions, even though he was a teacher, and that was literally his job. He was even glaring at her. He was also being totally ridiculous, because she had never said he was lying. Cleo wasn’t used to adults not liking her. Sure, she had sometimes incurred her Daddy’s disapproval, and he had scowled at her and told her off, but that had been when she was doing something wrong. She glared back.

“Good,” she replied, matching his put out tone, arms still crossed against her chest and face still sullen, as he assured her he was making the material appropriate. A lot of his concerns about the impact on knowledge lost to wizarding kind went right over her head, but he seemed to be saying he wasn’t going to nice it up for her sake. She agreed with his approach, but that didn’t mean she had to like him or how he was talking to her.

She shrugged her shoulders in response to his question.

“People keep talking about it like that,” she replied, “Like I have a choice. And at the same time, they’re going around putting in safety measures so no one gets hurt. And I didn’t -” she cut herself off, not sure how to express what had happened with Winston. What had he done, really? He had just come and talked to her… What had been wrong about it? It had made her feel uncomfortable, but he had just… been there. And there had been the accidental magic, but that wasn’t a thing you were supposed to blame people for. She couldn’t name what he had done, and so she gave up - maybe Professor Nash would think she was being ridiculous about it. If he even believed that it wasn’t her fault. He seemed to think she just needed to be careful.

What was she? The question just kept on coming back to her. She knew she was half veela, but what did that mean? Some people seemed keen to emphasise to her that she was also half human. But those both made her sound so incomplete, so mixed up. To what extent was her humanity diluted? If she was half of something else that meant there wasn’t space for everything that made up a human. Was she missing something? Did her veela parts override certain normal human tendencies?

“I don’t know what’s going on!” she protested angrily, “I don’t understand anything about this! So everyone telling me to just be a good girl and make the right choices makes it seem like… Like, I don’t know. It’s up to me, or they expect me to do something about it. Like what? Just try harder? I don’t know what I’m even meant to be trying at! Just choose to be a good person? That’s what I want, I’d rather never use my powers - but that can’t be all there is to it.”

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    • It's literally your job — Cleo, Mon May 28 07:20
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