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Ben Pierce
I hope I don’t stink at this
Thu May 31, 2018 10:37

Ben Pierce entered the Defense room with seconds to spare before he would have official earned the title ‘late’. He slipped into the nearest empty seat, still breathing a little hard from running the whole way from the Quidditch pitch. There really hadn’t been enough time for a quick fly between the end of potions and the start of DADA, but he really needed the fresh air after the stink his potion had made this morning. He could only assume one of his ingredient stocks had gone bad, because he didn’t think he’d done anything that wrong with his brewing. But ho-boy had it smelled bad.

The quick fly had done him and his clothes good. There was only a little hint of stink left hanging off him, and his nose had mostly acclimated to that already. A shower and change of clothes probably would have been better, for the sake of his classmates, but Pecari was even more out of the way than the pitch was, and a few loop de loops could be done faster that the amount of shampooing and lathering he thought he really needed. So that was going to have to wait until the longer lunch break.

Ben gave Raine an apologetic smile as he realized his seat was next to hers. “Sorry if I stink. Potions accident last class,” he explained in a low whisper as the new teacher introduced herself again. She’d been observing before so he already knew who she was, but it looked like she was transitioning to Speaking Professor while Professor Nash was the one doing the observing now. Cool. Professor Nash was too a harsh grader, in Ben’s opinion, and he’d be glad to try his luck with the new person. He might move up from merely Acceptable to Exceeds Expectations, and his mom would like that. Professor Nash’s Expectations seemed awfully high.

The spell under discussion seemed interesting, from what he was able to hear of it over Kyte’s chatter. His best friend was sitting in the seat behind him, which meant Ben was in a bad position to kick him into quiet, and telling him to be quiet meant Ben had to turn around and miss parts of the lecture while Ben himself was talking, trying to shush Kyte.

He thought he caught most of the gist anyway. Happy thoughts and a wind-up. Got it. Seemed easy enough.

He had almost all good memories, so he didn’t really foresee too much trouble. He was a happy guy, he had a happy family (mostly, anyway; ‘happy’ wasn’t really the first word to come to mind when he thought of Aunt Bel, and it was generally best to just forget the times that Gramelia turned him into a frog, but other than that he really didn’t have any complaints about his relatives, at least those in the Boston branch, which were the only ones he really counted anyway), and he had a terrific girlfriend, excellent friends, and he played on great sports teams who did more winning than losing most of the time, so Ben had no shortage of good times to draw upon.

He thought he’d maybe start with Tess saying yes to being his girlfriend, so he circled his wand around in a good windup, then snapped it forward, casting, “Expecto Patronum!” as he thought about Tess and how she looked in her pajamas and . . . how he accidentally asked her to marry him.

Nothing came out of his wand.

Right, well, maybe a slightly less awkward and embarrassing moment then. Something that had all those good feelings, without the drawbacks of that particular incident.

Next to him, Raine pulled off a little ripple of silver, and he grinned at her. “Awesome, Raine!” he complimented, holding up his non-wand hand for a high five. “I’m still trying to get anything out of mine.”

  • Thinking happy thoughtsRaine Collindale, Teppenpaw, Tue May 22 08:51
    Sometimes, a new teacher was a good thing. Raine’s first year had probably been the worst of her academic career, as she adjusted to the strange variety of rules and expectations that formal... more
    • I hope I don’t stink at this — Ben Pierce, Thu May 31 10:37
      • Perhaps a little, but it'll be okRaine, Sat Jun 9 23:10
        Raine was fairly used to stinky teenage boys. After all, she had a twin brother. To be fair to Kyte, their circus training was a sweaty business, and she could understand why he smelt bad after their ... more
        • practice makes perfect Ben, Pecari, Tue Jun 12 12:37
          He smiled apologetically again as Raine was all Teppish and said his stink was tolerable. Or, at least, that was how he was interpreting her response. No help for it anyway right now anyway. “Oh,... more
          • It sure doesRaine, Sun Jun 17 06:33
            Right. Ben seemed fine. Of course he was fine, and he didn’t need a pep talk from her. Silly to think that had been a possibility. She just sort of nodded along as he rambled about memory, because he ... more
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