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Simon Mordue, Crotalus
Continuing the theme.
Mon Jun 4, 2018 18:21

Simon could imagine things he would like to do more than take Professor Nash up on his offer to skip class today, but very few of them were things that he could also do immediately. He did not know what his worst fear was. He did not want to know what his worst fear was. He really, really did not want everyone else to know what his worst fear was. His main goal in life was to be as comfortable and untroubled by strong emotions as was physically and morally possible. Plus, his cousin had had the plague and his sister was in the early stages of the plague, which meant it was entirely possible - probable, even - that Simon also had the plague, the specific reason why Professor Nash seemed to have created the exception. He had a plethora of arguments, then, in favor of leaving, one of which he could even admit to in public. This made it even harder to watch other people departing without having even attempted to secure his own escape.

Dignity was, he thought grumpily, a hell of a thing. Trying to preserve it was like trying to preserve a snowflake - touch it and it dissolved at once, leaving only a splotch to prove it had ever existed - and yet he had to consider its preservation all the time, and could not do what seemed most natural, which was to withdraw from all the communion with the rest of wizard-kind which perennially threatened it. He wished to heartily kick both Uncle Nicky and Aunt Cynthia, the self-indulgent fools who had made it so very much more important for all the rest of the family to be flawless. In lieu of the ability to kick them, he hoped Aunt Cynthia had a skull-cracking migraine and that Uncle Nicky’s secretary was unfaithful to him with a Muggle fisherman, and also that Winston had a far worse boggart than Simon himself ended up saddled with.

He awaited the summons with a knot in his stomach and, for all his efforts not to, a certain apprehension in his expression. Of course it was not real - but just the thought of something eating his emotions for its sustenance, and of emotions having tastes - just that thought alone was a bit unnerving. The idea of being regarded by something not as its natural superior, but rather as just a source of food -

He shuddered at that thought, feeling faintly ill and also suddenly interested in vegetarianism, and tried to divert his thoughts to other channels. He would have thought fear would taste bitter, or sour, or something- not pleasant - what could other feelings be like, and also, what was worse - something feeding off bad feelings, or positive ones? Being in an endless state of happiness might feel better, but he imagined it would render one just as useless in the end. Certainly that was the line his father had taken when he lectured Simon about proper behavior, emphasizing that Duty was the chiefest thing and Dignity an important one. Everyone had to have some pleasures, Alexander Mordue had grudgingly admitted, but it was best to find them within the confines of one’s employment and duties and family (Simon had thought of Sylvia’s love of distracting their mother by asking her to talk about her jewels and about Nathaniel’s likings for photography and solitary walks, not to mention their shared inclination to go play like children in a treehouse, though Simon doubted his father had done the same; he wasn’t even entirely sure Papa noticed the majority of Nathaniel and Sylvia’s flaws, thinking of the latter as his little princess and the former as the poor orphaned child), and in any case necessary to put them to the side the moment they interfered with an obligation. So endless happiness was also out - but if one had to choose….

Professor Nash’s voice cut across his ruminations. Here he went, then. He tried to focus on the memory of...whatever it was...Ivy Brockert had called up - that had been frankly ridiculous even in its original incarnation; a viking alone was intimidating, but one in an anachronistic shirt which said ‘Minnesota’ on it for no apparent reason couldn’t help being a bit comical, to his mind, as well - instead of on the ever-bubbling, barely-suppressed cauldron of anxieties which composed much of his interior life. If he could just focus on someone else’s problems instead of his own….

When the floor was cleared, the boggart flashed and then - a greenish, spectral woman with long black hair, one who looked more like a corpse recently removed from water than a person, or at least Simon’s idea of such a thing. That it was neither human nor inferius was, however, quickly proven by the motion of the lips, and the shriek which followed - Simon’s hands both went up to cover his ears at once, but he remembered himself and snapped the one holding his wand back down to point at the boggart-banshee and shouted (as it somehow seemed important to be able to hear himself casting the spell) “Riddikulus!

The banshee continued, unfortunately, to scream, but the spell definitely had an effect - said banshee now had an elaborate horned headdress and a breastplate on along with the obligatory rags. Now the banshee was a faux-Valkyrie opera singer, a phenomenon which made his very lips tremble to keep back giggles as he stepped aside for the next student - though the effort did become easier when he considered that it was entirely possible he had just either frightened or offended Miss Brockert. He stepped over to the Teppenpaw girl and tried to think smooth thoughts.

“I think your solution to that was better than mine, Miss Brockert,” he said, with the slightest suggestion of a bow of his head. “I wish I had thought to - well, at least alter that thing’s voice. I never thought I’d think yodeling was the best option to hear before!”

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    • Continuing the theme. — Simon Mordue, Crotalus, Mon Jun 4 18:21
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