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Winston Pierce, Crotalus
Not going to hide
Tue Jun 5, 2018 15:27

Winston arrived in the DADA classroom with a sense of dread. Yesterday, Professor Nash had gone on about boggarts, and had everyone learn the Riddikulus spell. It wasn’t a huge jump from there to the assumption that today there could be an actual boggart to face. He was right.

He was also surprised that there was the option to go to the library if you were infected, and Winston thought he probably was. He was pretty sure he’d been the one responsible for putting Cleo in a dress just before midterm. He also was pretty sure Cleo was the one responsible for shutting herself away behind the wall. But that class had turn weird fast enough that at least one of them was definitely infected, and probably both of them were. He almost raised his hand to get the pass (Cleo was), but Simon didn’t, and Winston wasn’t about to run away if Simon wasn’t. Simon was his roommate, and he was pretty sure Simon’s little sister Sylvia had it, too, so it was highly likely that Simon had caught it from somebody even if he hadn’t shown any symptoms yet. So if Simon was braving the boggart, Winston had to, too.

So he didn’t raise his hand for a pass and lined up with everyone else who hadn’t got one, making sure he was behind Simon, so he knew what he was up against.

Jozua was scared of getting in trouble. He was so scared of it that he couldn’t even get the spell out, apparently. Pfft. Winston could do better than that and he wasn’t even a fifth year who ran a dueling club. Winston thought little about what Jozua was getting in trouble for. Sucked to be him, getting it first, but it was just an illness and Jozua had been pretty spectacular in his displays at the very beginning of the year, so it was hardly surprising to know he was the one who brought it into the school. Big deal. Diseases spread. If you were going to have a boggart about getting in trouble, at least get in trouble for something horrible. Winston’s greatest fear, whatever it was, had to be better than that.

More people went, including Ivy, whose boggart confused him slightly, but bloodthirsty vikings would certainly be frightening to meet, and fears were rarely rational. The shirt suggested she was afraid of running into them in her own state, which, while highly unlikely and not historically accurate, wouldn’t be something he wanted to run into in New Hampshire either.

Then it was Simon who was afraid of hags. A respectable fear. Good to know. A less than totally impressive reimagining of it (Winston rubbed at his ears to stop the ringing) but a successful one. So room for outshining him, but a solid performance by his roommate. And no accidental magic. So he’d either kept his calm very well or he really wasn’t infected yet.

All too soon after that, it was Winston’s turn.

A tall shadowy figure rose up out of the chest as Professor Nash opened it again. It had silvery fur, and looked a bit like a skinny bear before it vanished entirely behind one of the desks.

Winston’s heart beat loudly as he recognized it: a Hide Behind. He’d been fortunate never to encounter one before, but Duesius had seen them on Mt. Pierce before, and Dad warned him not to go out in the woods a night because because there might be one out there.

His fingers tightened around his wand, but he couldn’t see it. How could he make a Hide Behind ridiculous if it was hiding behind one of all these desks?

And abruptly, there were no desks. The DADA room was completely clear of furniture. It had only the students, Professor Nash, and the Hide Behind- er, the boggart. Right a boggart. That’s all it was. He could handle a stupid boggart.

“Riddikulus!” he shouted, pointing the wand toward the Not-A-Hide-Behind, turning its fur neon green and giving it a clown costume, complete with curly rainbow hair, a red nose, and giant shoes.

Winston bet it couldn’t hide behind anything looking like that and he laughed. He had absolutely done a better job that Simon at neutralizing his fear.

Pleased with himself, he headed to the back of the room, missing the professor’s annoyed look at him for Vanishing the containment chest.

OOC: As I also write for Daniel, that last bit is not god-modding. Also, whoever goes after Winston can assume the desks are still gone (a clear working space is convenient for now, so Daniel will just get them back later), but the professor managed to retrieve the chest from wherever it got Vanished to, so he can continue confining the boggart away between students and then letting it out again when the next person is ready.

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