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Daniel Nash
I’m not tired anymore
Wed Jun 6, 2018 11:29

Daniel awoke feeling much better than had when he closed his eyes. He’d had a quiet day after she left, some reading mostly, a couple short naps. He hadn’t been very hungry when dinner time rolled around but the elf who had come to take his order had been on the medic’s side and insisted he at least eat a little soup, so he had.

Then he had retired to his bed for an early night, not quite feeling sick, but not exactly feeling healthy either. Malaise, he thought, was the term. Nothing specific had been wrong but he just felt a general sense of tired misery.

That was now gone. He had slept well and felt rested. He was by no means ready to go out and play Quidditch or anything, but he was clearly on the mend. He summoned an elf and asked for some eggs and toast - his appetite was back - and he was surprised when there was a knock on the door. Usually the elves just popped in.

“Come in!” he called, waving his wand to unlock it, and the medic entered. Oh right, she said she was going to stop in first thing this morning. He ran a hand self consciously through his unwashed hair. He hadn’t dressed or showered yet. Fortunately, he had slept in shorts and a t-shirt (despite it being December, he had felt a bit warm yet when he went to bed last night) so he at least wasn’t indecent.

“Yes,” he confirmed, “I slept great.” He wasn’t sure if he was finally getting used to the bed that wasn’t his or if the fever had just helped knock him out, but he’d actually slept better than he had since the quarantine began.

Just then her clothes transformed. His eyes widened in surprise, and he quickly looked away when he noticed he was checking out some of her assets. That was not professional behavior at all. She was a colleague. Not nearly as bad as checking out say, a half-veela student, but with one of those in the school, he kind of felt like all the ghosts, elves, and paintings in the school were now habitually watching to make sure all the males in the school were keeping their eyes, and everything else, to themselves whether Cleo was nearby or not.

“That was not me!” he protested, gaze still averted, when she seemed to blame him for her state of undress. She must have realized it really wasn’t because then she started making excuses, which he mostly believed given than he had just been talking about getting a great night’s rest.

Still, that kind of . . . nightwear . . . was rarely reserved for just resting.

Best not to think too much on that. He pushed the thought aside. It was hard not to though, when she told him to open up and she was still wearing the silk nightie. It seemed she was going to finish her exam like that.

Well, if she wasn’t embarrassed, neither was he. He opened his mouth for the thermometer, no longer looking away, but trying not to let his gaze linger anywhere inappropriate for too long. “Back to normal, back to work!” it stated clearly, which surprised him slightly because he was feeling a bit elevated in temperature just now, though that honestly had more to do with peach silk and flowing hair than lingering fever.

He grimaced when she declared he was a free man. “I wish I was,” he grumbled, playing up his irritability so she maybe wouldn’t notice his quickened breathing or that he’d had to shift his blanket onto his lap to hide other rising reactions. That was decidedly inappropriate. “Quarantine says otherwise.”

He hoped the elf didn’t come back with his eggs too quickly. He wasn’t sure this looked entirely respectable.

  • I really feel like going to bedAisha Kapoor, Fri May 4 09:47
    Aisha had been up for a while when the salutometre informed her that Daniel was awake. Her hair was freshly washed, and actually neatly tied in a French braid rather than her usual sloppy ponytail.... more
    • I’m not tired anymore — Daniel Nash, Wed Jun 6 11:29
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