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Kira Spaulding, Crotalus
Thu Jun 7, 2018 13:25

Kira had been supremely irritated about the Quarantine. She might not have minded any other time, but shortly before Midterm-could she still call it that if they didn't go anywhere? There hadn't been any classes-she had received a letter from Ned saying he wanted to talk to her about something over the break and it wasn't something he wanted to say in a letter.

She couldn't help but be worried. Things had seemed really good between them and she had thought maybe, just maybe Ned actually liked her but Kira generally expected the worst. Probably he was betrothed to someone else and wanted to let her down generally. And then he'd marry this wonderful person-someone whom Kira assumed was a lot like Kelsey, perfect in every way, the ideal society woman-and even in the unlikely event that Ned liked her now he'd soon fall in love with this Kelsey-like person. Because everyone liked Kelsey better than Kira-except Fabian and Natalie, she guessed-it reasoned that he'd prefer someone similar to Kelsey to her.

Of course, when Kira had mentioned this to Fabian, he'd told her in the nicest possible way that she was most likely completely wrong, that Ned had never shown all that much interest in Kelsey before so why would he be interested in someone like her? Which was true, she supposed, but that didn't keep her from worrying. Or maybe that Ned had gotten betrothed to someone who was not like Kelsey. It didn't matter, because he'd still be betrothed to someone else and she'd still be screwed.

She sighed to herself as she sat down in her chair for Defense noting the new professor. It didn't really matter to Kira as she was graduating. And she was really ready to get out of here. Most of her friends had graduated so she really didn't have anyone besides her family and Winston to hang out with much.

At the very least, Kira hoped the new professor wasn't as harsh a grader as Professor Nash. Any sort of subjective assignment felt her with dread as it was, even with easier graders, unleashing feelings of terrible inadequacy even if she did better than Fabian. Not that most things didn't unleash feelings of terrible inadequacy. She tried to make up for it with wand work.

Professor Hawthorne gave them the assignment and she felt uneasy. Normally Kira would feel she could handle a a difficult bit of wandwork without issues, but this....involved thinking happy thoughts. Happy memories. She wasn't sure she had many.

Okay, meeting Ned made her happy but now that was tinged with worries about the current status of things. Spending time with him since then had made her happy too. And not just time with him but time with all her friends and family. Not to mention her success with magic. That was as satisfying as everything else.

She was ready. " Expecto Patronum " The Crotalus made the circular motion with her wand. White mist poured out of it. Kira could just make out an elongated shape going off the shield.

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