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Perhaps a little, but it'll be ok
Sat Jun 9, 2018 23:10

Raine was fairly used to stinky teenage boys. After all, she had a twin brother. To be fair to Kyte, their circus training was a sweaty business, and she could understand why he smelt bad after their workouts (she probably did too), but he seemed to manage to carry a perpetual air of vague grossness with him at all times. Not to mention the other kinds of stink that boys let off, without seeming to care who was in the vicinity. The air Ben carried in with him was slightly different (though closer to the second type of smell than the first…). It was definitely noticeable and not nice, but it wasn’t beyond anything she could deal with.

“S’ok,” she just had time to whisper before class began.

She focussed on her own spell, trying to block out what other people were doing. But she relaxed a bit after her first attempt, tuning back in to Ben and everyone else.

“Thank you,” she smiled, reaching up to complete the high five that was offered, with an almost sheepish smile on her face, and a slight blush. She appreciated the compliment, and the encouragement, but it still felt very foreign to her to have anything she did in class be deemed ‘awesome.’

“Oh,” she floundered, when Ben said he hadn’t managed to do anything yet. “I-I’m sure you can - you’ll get it soon,” she stumbled slightly over her words. It was even less often that she was the one who could do something that others couldn’t (or at least, it had always felt that way to her). That was a situation she really didn’t know how to handle - she wasn’t always the best at getting her words together even with familiar situations. She was a bit surprised that Ben hadn’t managed it, and that she had, because he seemed like so much happier a person than she was. Not that she thought of herself as miserable. She wasn’t. She was generally… sort of fine, or quietly contented. At least when she wasn’t worried about schoolwork, and training, which admittedly, was a lot - she was rather good at worrying. But Ben had that… obvious, wear-it-on-your-sleeve outgoing happiness. Maybe though, that was the trouble. If you were always happy, perhaps you couldn’t pick out a moment of really focussed, intense happiness. Those kinds of moments that made you want to yell and punch the air, and wear a huge smile for everyone to see. Kyte could be like that over finding out there was something particularly enjoyable for lunch, and Ben was sort of similar to him. Of course, she was sure Ben and Kyte both had memories of things that were even happier, but it was like… It was like searching for the light of a candle in the daytime. Their day to day feelings were so much happier, so much brighter that the truly happiest of happy moments still shone for them, but were perhaps harder to notice because there was less of a contrast. For Raine, those moments came so much more rarely that they stood out all the brighter for it.

  • I hope I don’t stink at thisBen Pierce, Thu May 31 10:37
    Ben Pierce entered the Defense room with seconds to spare before he would have official earned the title ‘late’. He slipped into the nearest empty seat, still breathing a little hard from running the ... more
    • Perhaps a little, but it'll be ok — Raine, Sat Jun 9 23:10
      • practice makes perfect Ben, Pecari, Tue Jun 12 12:37
        He smiled apologetically again as Raine was all Teppish and said his stink was tolerable. Or, at least, that was how he was interpreting her response. No help for it anyway right now anyway. “Oh,... more
        • It sure doesRaine, Sun Jun 17 06:33
          Right. Ben seemed fine. Of course he was fine, and he didn’t need a pep talk from her. Silly to think that had been a possibility. She just sort of nodded along as he rambled about memory, because he ... more
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