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It sure does
Sun Jun 17, 2018 06:33

Right. Ben seemed fine. Of course he was fine, and he didn’t need a pep talk from her. Silly to think that had been a possibility. She just sort of nodded along as he rambled about memory, because he seemed to just be verbalising his thought process rather than seeking her opinion. She wasn’t sure why some people were like this - why they couldn’t think inside their own heads, or perhaps preferred to think out loud, but she knew that was how they were. Thinking aloud seemed a very dangerous business to her - your thoughts tended to go down all kinds of stupid dead ends or self-contradictions before they got to where they wanted to be, and she didn’t really want to embarrass herself by having those happen out loud, where other people would witness them. Not that Ben or Kyte ever really seemed embarrassed if their thoughts ran away with them this way…

She had no idea what winning a Quidditch up ‘for two hundred, Alex’ meant but she didn’t want to disrupt Ben’s focus, so she returned to her own happy place. She took a moment to gather her focus again, although that was part of magic that came easily to her - it was like a performance, and you just switched to blocking out everything else that had been happening or that might distract you. Her patronus was much the same as before, but Ben got something to happen this time.

“Nice,” she smiled at him.

  • practice makes perfect Ben, Pecari, Tue Jun 12 12:37
    He smiled apologetically again as Raine was all Teppish and said his stink was tolerable. Or, at least, that was how he was interpreting her response. No help for it anyway right now anyway. “Oh,... more
    • It sure does — Raine, Sun Jun 17 06:33
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