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I don't think yours is that silly.
Thu Jul 5, 2018 21:29

Ivy stood back and watched the rest of the boggarts. She felt kind of wrong about it, like she was invading their privacy even though they had all seen hers. That was one thing about doing them in a group though, everyone knew everyone else's worst fear. Nobody had any real advantage. But she still felt guilty about watching.

However, she had nothing else to do. Ivy had brought a book but she wasn't sure that she was allowed to read or do other homework. Which would have been a whole lot nicer than sitting like a vulture preying upon the knowledge of other's fears.

Fortunately, she only had to see one, Simon Mordue's, before he finished and came over to talk to her. "Thank you, Mr. Mordue." Okay, she had winced a little at his attempt to make his boggart humorous but reminded herself it was only a boggart and his opera singing banshee wasn't exactly the same as a marauding Viking threatening her with a sword. Anyway, she appreciated the compliment.

Ivy nodded. "They do make an incredibly unpleasant noise." In all honesty, a banshee was an overall rational thing to be afraid of. They were awful to look at-not that the Teppenpaw was all that shallow, but banshees had a frightening look rather than just being unattractive-and made a sound that wasn't just nasty but could actually kill people . "I would hate to see a real one myself."

  • Continuing the theme.Simon Mordue, Crotalus, Mon Jun 4 18:21
    Simon could imagine things he would like to do more than take Professor Nash up on his offer to skip class today, but very few of them were things that he could also do immediately. He did not know... more
    • I don't think yours is that silly. — Ivy, Thu Jul 5 21:29
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