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DH Skies
Yup. Good luck
Sat Aug 4, 2018 22:02

“That seems like a good plan,” Selina nodded, pleased with the overall structure of the lesson plan, “So, during the discussion - students are free to comment on each other’s opinions, or critique them, but it doesn’t force anyone to identify with a particular stance.

“Might I ask what ideas are in these journals? What sort of perspective you’ll be giving beyond the textbook?” Because that was the real crux of the matter here. She had fully expected to hear that Tabitha would deliver a lecture on veela, given that it was a theory class. It was what the content of that was… What opinions and advice she was going to impart, that was the real matter to be discussed.

“We also need to decide how Cleo fits into this. I mean, I’m going to give her the option of skipping that particular class, and I think it might be best. I feel we need to tell people that this is… not just theoretical. Now, how does that fit into the class plan? If we tell them before they submit their opinions, are they going to feel like they can’t voice their true thoughts? And is that necessarily a bad thing - I mean, if the fact of having a half veela peer pushes them to modify and temper their opinions, isn’t that… sort of the point? But at the same time, are they going to feel they can’t be honest - it’s one thing if Cleo’s presence genuinely moves them to be more open minded and considerate, but another if it just makes them feel they can’t say what they really think. But if we tell them after the fact, are they going to feel like they were tricked?”

  • It's quite a tricky thing...Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Aug 4 09:48
    When Tabitha had signed up for the job of teaching, she had not been quite prepared but for all the issues and problems that came with it. Perhaps rather naively, she had only expected that her... more
    • Yup. Good luck — DH Skies, Sat Aug 4 22:02
      • I think I'm going to need it. Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Aug 4 22:59
        Tabitha was relieved when Selina seemed to agree and like what the Defence professor had come up with. That was the first obstacle that she'd managed to get over. What seemed to be the next issue was ... more
        • I think we all areDH Skies, Wed Aug 8 07:14
          “Well… At least it’s something,” Selina nodded, when the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher admitted that defence against this particular subject was particularly lacking. She searched for... more
          • Luckily, there seems to be a potion for that. Tabitha Hawthorne, Wed Aug 8 11:50
            Tabitha leaned back in her chair with a sigh. There was a throbbing pain beginning to make itself known in her temples and she resisted the urge to groan. When Selina had told her about Cleo, Tabitha ... more
            • Yes. It's called 'wine.' DH Skies, Fri Aug 10 09:49
              “She has a tendency towards fire when upset,” Selina noted, as Tabitha mused on the likelihood of Cleo going into harpie mode. She was somewhat surprised by Tabitha’s suggestion that Cleo would never ... more
              • Shall we share a bottle?Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Aug 12 15:49
                Tabitha couldn't help but wince at the mention of fire. The thought always reminded her of some incidents throughout her travels that had been a bit too hot and close for comfort and she didn't just... more
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