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Tabitha Hawthorne
Luckily, there seems to be a potion for that.
Wed Aug 8, 2018 11:50

Tabitha leaned back in her chair with a sigh. There was a throbbing pain beginning to make itself known in her temples and she resisted the urge to groan. When Selina had told her about Cleo, Tabitha had been interested and curious. She had never had the opportunity to meet a half-veela and wondered about their talents and magic. When angered, did they still transform like their full-blooded relatives? Was their magic as strong? Just how strongly were they able to enchant humans?

She had not expected to endure headaches as a result of discussing the half-veela student.

"I think the biggest problem here is not knowing the extent of Cleo's powers. At best guess, I'd say that her magic would be somewhat weaker than a full-blooded veela but the difference would be negligible. I want to say that she can't transform into a harpie when angered but we don't even know that for sure - I doubt she will have been angered enough to cause that. Which comes to the next point of just how honest are we with the students? I don't admitting that we're basically as clueless about this as they are is going to help. Even I'm not comfortable admitting that between us."

She leaned forward again, pulling some of her notes towards her and looking them over, almost as if hoping that they would suddenly have the answer to their conundrum. Selina didn't really seem to have an idea about what to do herself, not that Tabitha was criticising as she was just as clueless. "I don't want to cause the students to avoid her because that'd make the situation worse. With no conscious control over her powers, it's likely that her emotions are going to be a major factor in all of this. So, we need to somehow tell the students about her but assure them that they're not in extreme danger? That they're surrounded by us as their professors, the prairie elves sitting in on their lessons... I think that we'd need to reassure them of the methods that have been put in place."

She blew out another sigh and started to massage her right temple where, somehow, the pain seemed to be worse than in her left. There was still the question of Cleo.

"I don't think it would be productive to keep Cleo in the dark about her veela side. She's no doubt already looked in her Defence books and I'd like to be able to dispel any misconceptions that may have formed as a result. I would be happy to offer... I guess, private lessons for her one-to-one so that her unique circumstances can be discussed privately? And it would provide her with a safe space to explore her powers. I think we should try to help her as best as we can. The sooner she can understand her powers and herself, the easier the situation will become. As for her classmate's opinions... maybe give her the option? Or we go through them all first and make a decision then?"

  • I think we all areDH Skies, Wed Aug 8 07:14
    “Well… At least it’s something,” Selina nodded, when the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher admitted that defence against this particular subject was particularly lacking. She searched for... more
    • Luckily, there seems to be a potion for that. — Tabitha Hawthorne, Wed Aug 8 11:50
      • Yes. It's called 'wine.' DH Skies, Fri Aug 10 09:49
        “She has a tendency towards fire when upset,” Selina noted, as Tabitha mused on the likelihood of Cleo going into harpie mode. She was somewhat surprised by Tabitha’s suggestion that Cleo would never ... more
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