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Tabitha Hawthorne
Shall we share a bottle?
Sun Aug 12, 2018 15:49

Tabitha couldn't help but wince at the mention of fire. The thought always reminded her of some incidents throughout her travels that had been a bit too hot and close for comfort and she didn't just mean the Fire Crabs in Fiji. Still, she supposed they were experiences she could call upon should Cleo end up being... fiery. The next problem seemed to be that Selina appeared to want Tabitha to tell the Intermediates about Cleo.

"I..." she hesitated, unsure how her reluctance to tell a bunch of kids that she hardly knew about Cleo would be taken. "I hate to admit this but I don't think it's a good idea if this information comes from me. I do not know the students as well as perhaps you do and I think it make them more comfortable if this information came from somebody they knew and trusted."

She eyed the Deputy Headmistress, trying to gauge her reaction. It was perhaps nerves just getting to her but something told her that this was the right thing to do. Selina was known and respected throughout Sonora while Tabitha was still only just making her mark on the place. Sensitive information such as this would be better coming from somebody else.

"I can teach Cleo the theory, no problem," she nodded, reassuring that spending time one-to-one with Cleo would be of no issue. She might not have the courage to tell a load of students about her but she could at least do this. She wanted to do something to help. "The practical would be a bit of a problem. I don't know how safe it would be to bring a full-blooded Veela into the school, though an adult Veela would have more control over their own powers. In the meantime, I could reach out to some people I know, though. See if there's anything they can help with on the practical side of things. I can't guarantee anything of worth but something might turn up."

She couldn't help but laugh at Selina's quip to do with whether Tabitha was a Veela herself. "With this hair colour? No, not me. You are quite safe from any more shocks of this particular nature."

  • Yes. It's called 'wine.' DH Skies, Fri Aug 10 09:49
    “She has a tendency towards fire when upset,” Selina noted, as Tabitha mused on the likelihood of Cleo going into harpie mode. She was somewhat surprised by Tabitha’s suggestion that Cleo would never ... more
    • Shall we share a bottle? — Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Aug 12 15:49
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