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Professor Hawthorne
I am very interested
Tue Aug 14, 2018 16:01

Tabitha had thought, being the Defence professor, that she would mostly escape having to deal with students in a one-to-one situation, unless they had questions on specific subject material in which case they could ask her directly after class. Yet, as it had turned out, she had agreed with Selina to give Cleo one-to-one theory lessons covering veelas and now there was an unexpected knocking on her door.

Having never had an unexpected visitor before, Tabitha momentarily forgot that social protocol generally dictated that after hearing a knock, one either called out an invitation to come in or got up to open the door. For a moment, she feared that it was Cleo who had come to visit her as she was currently still unprepared for handling anything even remotely to do with that whole issue. She very nearly decided to pretend that she wasn't in.

Oh, come on, Tabitha. That's being a bad teacher and you know it.

Knowing truly that her berating conscience was right, she called out a 'come in' and moved her work to one side and folded her hands together on the desk. Of all the people she had expected to come through her office door, Jozua Sparks was not one of them. She raised a curious eyebrow. She had committed his face to memory, Daniel Nash having included him in the group of students to watch out for. He'd also informed her that Jozua was responsible for the Dueling Club they had at Sonora which Tabitha had mentally questioned the sensibility of but had dismissed it. She encouraged students to learn how to duel and if this boy was up to the task, provided nobody got hurt, then that was fine with her.

After he politely introduced himself to her, he explained his reason for paying her a visit. She was surprised. While she knew that Daniel had been the member of staff responsible for overseeing the club, she had not expected to take over from him, having thought that maybe one of the other, better known teachers would've taken up the mantle. She couldn't help but feel somewhat honoured and pleased that she'd been considered.

"I would be happy to," she told Jozua, sending him a warm smile. "I'm sure you're more than capable of running the duels by now, given that you're in my Advanced Class now, aren't you? I'll be more than happy to oversee and help with technique and demonstrations and I have a few tips of my own that might help, if you feel that they'd be useful. As for the bouts, I'll be excited to see what you guys can do. Do you have anything in particular in mind for practicing?"

As the new teacher to the school, she didn't want to just take over the club but she wanted to make sure that Jozua had a clear idea of what he wanted to do and she would help where necessary. She sent him an encouraging smile, hoping that she wasn't coming across as intimidating.

  • Hoping this is just a formality Jozua Sparks, Tue Aug 14 15:10
    Jozua stood before the Defense professorís office door and wished the school would just keep the same one for more than a couple years at a time. This was the third time he needed to have this... more
    • I am very interested — Professor Hawthorne, Tue Aug 14 16:01
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