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Professor Hawthorne
I'm really just going with the flow
Sun Aug 26, 2018 10:14

Tabitha had a feeling that she had just landed herself into the boy's books as 'favourite teacher', judging by the way he was smiling at her and seemed excited at the fact that instead of brushing the topic under the carpet, she'd actually pulled it out of its hiding place and put it on display for all to see. Quite literally. Her notes on sexual orientation were still clearly written on the board and somehow, they stood out more than her previous notes. She had hoped that the lecture would've satisfied Kir but this did not seem to be the case when he produced the argument of whether sexual orientation was a choice or not. She couldn't help but let the corner of her lips twitch upwards in a slight smile. He was a persistent boy, that was for sure. It was rather refreshing to meet someone who was so open-minded on the subject and she highly suspected that it had a lot to do with his upbringing. She had seen the pamphlets for the McLeod Foundation in the library, as well as his face on an accompanying poster. She found him rather admirable.

"The evidence does suggest that," she nodded in agreement with Kir. She shrugged to herself mentally. She'd already got this far, she might as well just carry on answering Kir's - or anyone else's - questions for as long as they kept coming. "I am of the firm belief that sexual orientation is not a choice. As you have quite rightly reminded the rest of the class, Mr McLeod, Veela enchantments do not affect gay men - or, asexual people, as they have no attraction of that nature to anybody - and it's for a very simple reason. Veela enchantments affect your base urges, your instincts. I don't know if any of the boys has thought about defending yourselves from a Veela by pretending to be gay? If you have, then I'm sorry to tell you that it wouldn't work because that is not your instinct or your natural urges - a Veela explores your mind, draws those out and then plays on them. You can try to ignore your instincts, squash them down, refuse to listen to them but all that would achieve is a life of misery and also offer no defence to being enchanted by a Veela."

Tabitha felt strongly about this. If you were a lesbian pretending to be straight, you'd still be susceptible to a Veela because the truth is that you prefer girls to boys. You couldn't hide that from such a strong magical being, not from one that probes so intensely into your mind to control you.

"I would say that it is far better to accept who you are, who you love and what you truly want in life than to hide it away. Accepting such facts allows you to focus and find other ways to protect yourself from Veela enchantments - you will be much safer and much happier as a result."

She was quiet for a moment, having realised that she'd just encouraged, in a rather roundabout way, the entire class to explore their feelings and instincts, to discover themselves. Well, that hadn't been the kind of lesson she'd had originally planned on teaching but there you go. Her eyes flickered over to Kir and, this time, she allowed herself to smile softly at the boy. He clearly just wanted to help the world and the people in it to become better and she couldn't fault that. "Any more questions, Mr McLeod? Or anything else you'd like to say?"

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    • I'm really just going with the flow — Professor Hawthorne, Sun Aug 26 10:14
      • I'll give you a break nowKir, Mon Aug 27 05:24
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