Connor Priory,Crotalus
Wed Aug 29, 2018 18:44

As Connor entered DADA, he felt perplexed. What was everyone doing here? Intermediates were the largest group but it looked like the whole school was present. He distinctly recognized Zevalyn and Lily who were sixth years as well his cousins Arianna and Beau who were in sixth and second years respectively.

And Professor Skies was here too,for some reason. Was this actually some bizarre dream? Nobody appeared to be in their underwear. Which was good because Connor so didn't want certain people to see him that way. So very much didn't want them to. He supposed, no, he didn't want to be that kind of guy.

As Professor Skies gave her announcement regarding Cleo, Connor felt...well, it explained a lot. Why Cleo occasionally made her way into his dreams and fantasies. So very didn't explain the other one he dreamed and fantiscized about. She was absolutely not any part veela, she was a brunette and Veelas were blonde. Plus, though the brunette had a Russian grandma-he wasn't sure that counted-she was half Irish. Or her ancestors were, she was actually American. However, Veelas were not Irish.

Maybe he just liked her. Oh Merlin, that was it! Cleo was inadvertedly Veela-ing him but he really liked the other girl.

Still as far as the lesson went, Connor needed to....really know this stuff. He was, after all, a heterosexual male who was in Cleo's year and house. He was high risk. Possibly more so than anyone but Parker.

And he didn't want to appear to be some pervert or give the girl he really liked the wrong idea by drooling-metaphorically-over Cleo. Because now that Connor knew that his lusty feelings for his fellow fourth year, were just her magic powers and their being in the same year and house and thus in close proximity. This meant he genuinely had actual feelings for this other girl. Oh dear Merlin .

He'd decide what to do about it later though. Right now he had to come up with ways to defend himself from Cleo's Veela-ing. The obvious answer was to avoid her but he felt....sort of bad about that. Also, again, same year and house. Kind of difficult.

But that other girl, having feelings for her surely was a safeguard. He thought about his parents. His father loved his mother more than life itself so he was less susceptible to Veelas, Uncle Levon and his love for Aunt Hope were an even stronger example and so it stood to reason that if Connor liked somone else, so that gave some protection.

So all he had to do to protect himself, stronger than anything else was to think of the girl he liked for herself rather than because of hormones and magic. Also,someone playing loud instruments had to help as a distraction.

As was someone...completely changing the topic. Like Kir was. Some of these words Professor Hawthorne had put down were unfamiliar to him but in all honestly, Connor wasn't sure he wanted to ask and come across insensitive.

Instead he turned back to the veela protection list and wrote down Throw food at someone .

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