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Mary Brooding
How's the chocolate wine?
Mon Sep 3, 2018 00:13

Mary smirked, glad that her self-presentation had at least done its job temporarily in disarming Tabitha's intellect. Quick as ever, though, the Defense professor was back to it and Mary satisfied herself with taking a seat on the couch, close enough to Tabitha to reach out and touch her but far enough away to get a full view of the breathtaking beauty of her girlfriend.

As Tabitha spoke, Mary felt her throat tighten up. She was curious, as usual, but more than a little nervous to dive back into Tabitha's mind again. It seemed so invasive, but Tabitha seemed willing and even eager and Mary wanted to satisfy in that regard. She understood well the need to be transparent and knew the little things can be the most important. Some part of her was afraid, though. Something serious enough to block from Mary's view earlier but important enough to reveal before their relationship went any further was surely not a good thing in terms of their companionship.

Mary's mind raced, thinking of all the things it could be, and then she nodded, acquiescing. Before she could think too much more about it, she pushed herself back to her feet and took as firm a stance as was possible in slippers. She raised her chin and her wand at the same time and locked eyes with Tabitha for a moment. Waiting until the preparatory look in Tabitha's eyes had cleared, Mary pulled her shoulders back and relaxed her mind as much as possible.

"Legilimens," Mary murmured. Her vision disappeared, her breathing slowed, and her jaw locked. Then, just Tabitha.

  • Impose on me all you like.Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Sep 2 16:31
    Content Warning - perhaps just slightly over PG in their greeting. Tabitha had not expected the beauty that stood on the other side of the door. Her breath caught in her throat and wondered vaguely... more
    • How's the chocolate wine? — Mary Brooding, Mon Sep 3 00:13
      • Delicious... fancy a taste?Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Sep 3 01:03
        Content Warning - attempted suicide Before Mary cast the spell, Tabitha positioned herself so that she was reclining into her collection of pillows. This was not going to be a pleasant experience so... more
        • Or a chug.Mary Brooding, Mon Sep 3 01:26
          Legilimency was not a skill that was acceptable to use often, particularly in polite company. Mary hadn't done it many times and almost exclusively in an effort to help someone else practice throwing ... more
          • Or the whole bottle.Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Sep 3 01:54
            Tabitha felt as small and as vulnerable as she had all that time ago, pain filling her chest. She wanted to disappear into the collection of her pillows, sink into the assortment of silk, satin and... more
            • Maybe just some water.Mary Brooding, Mon Sep 3 02:15
              I love you too. I love you too. I love you too. I love you too. I love you too. I love you too. I love you too. I love you too. I love you too. I love you too. I love you too. I love you too. Tears... more
              • Well, I have plenty of that.Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Sep 3 02:46
                The tension from Tabitha’s body slowly faded as she and Mary sat on the sofa together, their hands linked. She’d just been in an emotional tornado, prepared for disaster and heartbreak but found... more
                • Oh good?Mary Brooding, Mon Sep 3 21:57
                  Mary was glad Tabitha knew how to dance, as she hadn't gotten much practice herself. She'd only really had the opportunity to learn when she traveled, and when she'd met men who didn't mind dancing... more
                  • Everything's good when I'm with you. Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Sep 3 22:30
                    Tabitha knew that Mary was right. Absolutely and completely right. She shouldn't be dwelling on something so miserable and heartbreaking when their evening was finally moving in warm and happy... more
                    • I blame you, Dear WriterMary Brooding, Tue Sep 4 02:25
                      Mary laughed as they twirled. Her smile was easy and relaxed, taking less effort than she ever remembered it requiring before. How could I not be? The question rang in her mind for a moment before... more
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