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Tabitha Hawthorne
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Mon Sep 3, 2018 01:03

Content Warning - attempted suicide

Before Mary cast the spell, Tabitha positioned herself so that she was reclining into her collection of pillows. This was not going to be a pleasant experience so she thought that the least she could do for herself was make sure that her body was comfortable while her mind wasn’t. Just before the spell was cast, she gave Mary a slight nod. Then, the world was spiralling and she was sinking into her mind and into her memory.

Tabitha was standing at the edge of a large lake, in nothing more than a one piece swimsuit. She looked foreign, different to the Tabitha that everyone at Sonora had come to know. It certainly wasn’t the weather for tanning or swimming, given the dark grey clouds that blocked out the sun and threatened to unleash a thunderstorm. Tabitha hardly noticed. She wasn’t there for fun. Her eyes had dark circles underneath them and were red-rimmed, an indication that she had exchanged sleep for crying. Her whole body was trembling, from fear or cold, she wasn’t really sure. More than likely a mixture of both.

She was alone.

JJ was gone, having abandoned her in an unfamiliar country. He’d answered the call of his family, the summons that told him he was to be married and he’d gone with hardly a second thought. He’d thrown away more than a decade of a relationship, simply because his family had told him to. Did she really mean so little? Had their relationship truly meant nothing? It had seemed so easy for him to pack up and leave.

He’d broken her, thrown her to one side as if nothing they’d shared had mattered. All that time, wasted. She remembered the laughter and the tears, the hot summer days and the cold winter nights. The intimate moments when they were alone, hand holding, cuddling, kissing... it was all gone. He was all she had and all that she’d known and it had all been ripped away.

Tabitha, you are reckless. You don’t think. You just plough straight on into any new situation without first assessing the dangers. It’s like you have a death wish.

JJ’s words swirled round in her head, as they had done for days, like a record that was constantly skipping and going round in circles. She hadn’t thought they were true. She’d read Newt Scamander’s book from cover to cover, practiced all her spells, even paid attention to each beast’s danger classification. He’d confused it all with eagerness. Yet, standing at the edge of the lake, Tabitha was about to prove him right.

Lying some ways behind her, was her large rucksack full of her truly personal possessions like her journals and trinkets. Next to it, stood her suitcase which was packed with her clothes. Her wand lay abandoned on top of it. She’d never done that before. She’d always thought it foolish to run into an unknown situation without some kind of defence and her wand had always provided that. She’d relied upon it for her protection. Until now.

She was going to prove JJ right. She did have a death wish. There was a particularly vicious clan of merpeople, rumoured to despise humans. There was many a story of unsuspecting individuals who had gone for a swim and then never resurfaced. Tabitha was going to see if the stories were true.

She inhaled deeply, deciding that she’d waited long enough and that she’d done enough thinking. She moved right to the edge of the lake before diving straight in, the splash shattering the silence, sounding far louder than it actually was.

The water was cold, stinging her skin like a thousand pins were being stuck into her. The deeper she swam, the harder the weight of the water crushed her. She had no bubblehead charm or gillyweed. She had no wand to protect herself. There was no extended breathing time. Soon, it would all be over and the soul-crushing pain, the heartbreak and the loneliness would stop. The mess of emotions would finish and the witch known as Tabitha Hawthorne would cease to be.

Her lungs were starting to burn, like a fire had just started inside her chest but she refused to stop swimming. Her muscles were beginning to scream in protest, needing her to breathe oxygen. Her eyes were beginning to sting and her entire body felt heavier and heavier.

Then, she saw them. The clan of merpeople. She stopped and they turned to face her, some of them bearing their teeth and snarling. It was a warning, that much she could gather. She had one chance to turn and swim back to the surface. She didn’t take it. She swam closer and they moved sharply, swiftly, too fast for her stinging eyes to see. Her chest was on fire, the water crushing her and she could finally see the darkness crawling in at the corner of her eyes. It would soon be over, whether she drowned or the merpeople killed her. It would all be over.

Just before she lost consciousness and her sight faded completely, she saw the snarling features of a merperson in front of her.

Tabitha coughed and spluttered, hacking up the water that was still in her system. For a moment, she was disorientated and dizzy and confused. Then, her mind began to clear and she remembered what she’d tried to do. Yet, despite her efforts, she was still living and breathing. Her body ached, it hurt to breathe and her head was pounding but she was definitely alive and she was lying on the edge of the lake. She could’ve fooled herself, pretended that she’d just fallen asleep beside the water but the pain she felt and the fact that she was dripping wet and coughing up water confirmed that it had all been real.

Her vision was somewhat bleary but as she out over the expanse of water, she could’ve sworn she saw one of the merpeople - the same one she’d seen before she lost consciousness - watching her. When she sat up, it disappeared back below the surface of the water.

Tabitha came back to the present day with a sharp gasp as the memory ended and the door shut, forcing Mary back out and returning them both to the real world. Tabitha’s vision was blurred and for a moment she was worried, then realised that her eyes were filled with tears and that they’d been rolling over her cheeks for some time, leaving sticky tracks. Sweat covered her brow and trailed down the sides of her face. Tabitha covered her face with her hands, ashamed.

  • How's the chocolate wine?Mary Brooding, Mon Sep 3 00:13
    Mary smirked, glad that her self-presentation had at least done its job temporarily in disarming Tabitha's intellect. Quick as ever, though, the Defense professor was back to it and Mary satisfied... more
    • Delicious... fancy a taste? — Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Sep 3 01:03
      • Or a chug.Mary Brooding, Mon Sep 3 01:26
        Legilimency was not a skill that was acceptable to use often, particularly in polite company. Mary hadn't done it many times and almost exclusively in an effort to help someone else practice throwing ... more
        • Or the whole bottle.Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Sep 3 01:54
          Tabitha felt as small and as vulnerable as she had all that time ago, pain filling her chest. She wanted to disappear into the collection of her pillows, sink into the assortment of silk, satin and... more
          • Maybe just some water.Mary Brooding, Mon Sep 3 02:15
            I love you too. I love you too. I love you too. I love you too. I love you too. I love you too. I love you too. I love you too. I love you too. I love you too. I love you too. I love you too. Tears... more
            • Well, I have plenty of that.Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Sep 3 02:46
              The tension from Tabitha’s body slowly faded as she and Mary sat on the sofa together, their hands linked. She’d just been in an emotional tornado, prepared for disaster and heartbreak but found... more
              • Oh good?Mary Brooding, Mon Sep 3 21:57
                Mary was glad Tabitha knew how to dance, as she hadn't gotten much practice herself. She'd only really had the opportunity to learn when she traveled, and when she'd met men who didn't mind dancing... more
                • Everything's good when I'm with you. Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Sep 3 22:30
                  Tabitha knew that Mary was right. Absolutely and completely right. She shouldn't be dwelling on something so miserable and heartbreaking when their evening was finally moving in warm and happy... more
                  • I blame you, Dear WriterMary Brooding, Tue Sep 4 02:25
                    Mary laughed as they twirled. Her smile was easy and relaxed, taking less effort than she ever remembered it requiring before. How could I not be? The question rang in her mind for a moment before... more
                    • Feel free, my lovely Reader. Tabitha Hawthorne, Tue Sep 4 10:44
                      Tabitha very nearly took back her words about being able to keep up with the woman. For a moment, Mary was above her and there was a kiss on her nose and another sweet declaration of love and... more
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