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Emerald Brockert, Aladren
Getting back on track
Mon Sep 3, 2018 20:55

Emerald walked into the crowded Defense room, avoiding both Topaz and Lily Spencer as best as she could and sat down. Neither of the two people she didn't want to be around should be here but apparently there was some big deal announcement. Why this could not have been mentioned at the Opening Feast or some more convenient time in the Cascade Hall where there was more room, she was unsure.

Deputy Headmistress Skies was there too, instead of Grandfather. That meant that whatever it was couldn't be too important. Not because the deputy headmistress had nothing important to say, just that it must be something fairly trivial if Grandfather couldn't be bothered with it.

And apparently....Cleo James was a veela. Interesting. Not something she was too worried about though she felt a little bad for the fourth year. Never mind the fact that this personal thing about her was apparently being announced to the whole school, a semi-human roaming around the school was bound to be fascinating for Topaz. Emerald didn't even have to look at her younger sister to feel the wheels turning in the young Aladren's head. She was sure the first year was practically salivating at the thought of experiment potential.

The Beginner and Advanced students-thankfully-left and Professor Hawthorne began her lecture on veela. Emerald jotted down some notes about the folklore and then a second bombshell was dropped. There was no spell one could use. That was like telling someone they had a horrible disease and there was no cure or treatment. Fortunately for her, she was a straight female and she definitely believed she had a strong mind.

Kir McLeod, however, decided to take them down an entirely different road that had zero to do with veela and was thus wildly off topic and had nothing to do with Defense as a whole. Emerald was not all that worried about fending off the unwanted advances of lesbians and if such an occasion did occur, she would deal with it the same way she would deal with an unwanted male suitor. A firm but polite 'No thank you, I am not interested." She was not going to hex them.

Of course, the list of words Professor Hawthorne put up led to all sorts of questions such as if a girl was straight and therefore attracted to men, wouldn't they also be androsexual? Or what was really the difference between bisexual and pansexual because they quite frankly sounded like the same thing.

But none of that was relevant to the topic of veelas and Emerald had a question that was. She raised her hand and waited to be called on. "How can there be full veelas if all veelas are female? Surely they have to have males to breed with?"

  • I'll give you a break nowKir, Mon Aug 27 05:24
    If he hadn't already been in love with someone else, Kir thought that Professor Hawthorne was the kind of teacher he could easily have developed a crush on. She was smart, open minded, and really... more
    • Getting back on track — Emerald Brockert, Aladren, Mon Sep 3 20:55
      • Yes, thank you for the question. Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Sep 15 12:08
        Tabitha nodded in Emerald's direction when the girl stuck her hand up. She prayed that it wouldn't be a question about anything she'd just explained. Despite the fact that she thought it was right to ... more
      • No, wrong, badWinston Pierce, Crotalus, Wed Sep 5 14:37
        Winston was confused about the whole school coming to his DADA class, and the confusion did not go away even after Headmistress Skies dropped her bombshell. Well, he guessed that maybe it explained... more
        • I hope I made it a little better.Emerald, Mon Sep 17 13:44
          Emerald couldn't help but be pleased that Professor Hawthorne liked her question even if the answer wasn't very straightforward. In fact it didn't really answer her question very well at all. The... more
          • You didWinston Pierce, Thu Sep 20 20:21
            Winston smiled back at Emerald but it was short-lived. The fact that there was no easy magic defense to ward off Cleo (or other Veela, or half-Veela, but Cleo was the one in his class and House) was... more
    • I hate you.Tatiana Vorontsova, Pecari, Mon Aug 27 16:11
      “Tatya – chto eto?” whispered Katerina. “Ne znayu,” said Tatiana, scooting over so her sister could share her chair. The seats were, of necessity, large enough for seventh year boys and Tatiana was a ... more
      • Hoping to helpJehan Callahan, Aladren, Sat Sep 1 05:58
        It was a few days after MARS Incident 2.0, and things were still not back to normal. Jehan didn’t think they ever would go back to normal. He'd managed to hold off the tears until he'd returned to... more
        • You make my heart shake, bend and breakDorian Montoir, Teppenpaw, Sat Sep 1 08:37
          The dark circles under Dorian’s eyes were somewhat reduced by Monday morning. He had given in and gone to the medic for some sleeping draft, claiming the adjustment of timezones was messing him up.... more
          • This is more than I can take.Tatiana Vorontsova, Sat Sep 1 20:58
            Tatiana immediately regretted snapping, but like so many things she had said in her life, it was too late to take it back, to think rationally about the situation and calculate her response the way a ... more
            • I can't turn awayJehan Callahan, Tue Sep 4 10:39
              Jehan’s offer to help didn’t seem to have the desired effect, as Tatya buried her face in her hands again. Why did his friends all insist on apologising for things that weren’t their fault? But it... more
              • Anything hurts less than the quietDorian, Wed Sep 5 08:37
                One thing was clear: Jehan was in exactly as much pain as he was. Dorian felt his heart twist in absolute agony. That was the only thing that was clear though. Everything else was a mystery, and it... more
                • Something has to give here.Tatiana, Wed Sep 5 17:05
                  Emotional intelligence was not, it had to be acknowledged, one of Tatiana’s strong areas. She had very little capacity for introspection and tended to be too busy sweeping others – Katya, Alexei, her ... more
                  • RevelationJehan, Mon Sep 10 12:51
                    Jehan had known that his statement had been an unfair accusation, and this was corroborated by Dorian’s quick refutation of the idea. Still, Dorian had seemed to have been avoiding him, and he just... more
                    • Barely keeping upDorian, Tue Sep 11 18:54
                      Tatya would just tell the truth. Well, he had done that. Somewhat unintentionally, he supposed, but he had done, and how he felt had had Jehan running for the door. He wondered briefly whether Tatya... more
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