Winston Pierce, Crotalus
No, wrong, bad
Wed Sep 5, 2018 14:37

Winston was confused about the whole school coming to his DADA class, and the confusion did not go away even after Headmistress Skies dropped her bombshell. Well, he guessed that maybe it explained why his eyes so frequently found themselves directed at Cleo James who ought to be a nobody to him.

But there were still lingering questions. Why did Caitlin have to hear about this? And assuming there was a good reason for her to know when she was only twelve and a girl besides, why not just tell everyone over lunch or breakfast when there was more room for people instead of cramming everyone into a classroom that was full enough with just the intermediates?

But the one that crashed through his mind with the most force and regularity was simply: Why was Cleo even allowed at Sonora? First there were the Living Dead, and now there were half-veela, too? Winston was beginning to think he and Caitlin shouldn’t even be here anymore. There had to be more discerning schools out there for proper purebloods.

At least there weren’t werewolves. That would be absolutely intolerable. Veela were at least pretty to look at.

But Father was definitely getting a letter about this. If the Headmaster got enough angry letters from parents, surely he’d do something about this. With a Brockert in charge of the school, Winston was surprised Cleo was even still here now. Maybe he just needed complaints before he could take official action.

Winston was sure his father would readily oblige. It was dangerous to have an untrained half-veela wandering about. Winston could have been lured in. Winston probably was lured in. It must be all Cleo’s fault he kept having thoughts about her when she wasn’t even proper!

Oh, the headmistress could blabber about ‘safety measures’ all she wanted, but when jinx came to hex, Cleo was still a half-veela and she posed a threat.

At least he wasn’t being asked to make nice with her. He had always been a bit avoidant and slightly hostile toward her, and he was being encouraged to continue on as he had before, so that suited him.

The rest of the school left, leaving just the intermediates.

Professor Nash had covered veela in his third year, so he raised his hand and provided the textbook answer to what veela were. He scowled a bit when he was rebuked for calling them Creatures instead of Beings, but as far as he was concerned that was little more than a technicality. He’d be just as happy to call goblins, vampires, hags, and house-elves ‘creatures,’ too. He dearly hoped Sonora wasn’t planning to open their doors to any of those things to start studying here.

He took careful notes on the folklore, partly because it was a different take than Professor Nash had taken on the topic two years ago, but mostly because he was interested in folklore in its own right, and he thought he might send a letter to Kira about it coming up in class later.

But whatever gains Professor Hawthorne had made in his opinion by discussing folklore were lost when she fell into The Teppenpaw’s trap. And then dug that hole even deeper.

Father would need to know about this, too. Maybe Professor Hawthorne could get thrown out with Cleo. Cleo could have her as a teacher. Everybody would be happy. Perfect solution.

Thank Merlin for Emerald asking an actually decent question to get the class back on track.

Once the discussions ended, he turned to his neighbor as said, “I don’t even know where to begin with what’s wrong with what we heard today. Thank you for at least trying to bring some logic back to it.”

  • Getting back on track Emerald Brockert, Aladren, Mon Sep 3 20:55
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    • Yes, thank you for the question. Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Sep 15 12:08
      Tabitha nodded in Emerald's direction when the girl stuck her hand up. She prayed that it wouldn't be a question about anything she'd just explained. Despite the fact that she thought it was right to ... more
    • No, wrong, bad — Winston Pierce, Crotalus, Wed Sep 5 14:37
      • I hope I made it a little better.Emerald, Mon Sep 17 13:44
        Emerald couldn't help but be pleased that Professor Hawthorne liked her question even if the answer wasn't very straightforward. In fact it didn't really answer her question very well at all. The... more
        • You didWinston Pierce, Thu Sep 20 20:21
          Winston smiled back at Emerald but it was short-lived. The fact that there was no easy magic defense to ward off Cleo (or other Veela, or half-Veela, but Cleo was the one in his class and House) was... more
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