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Ben Pierce, Pecari
Getting to know me
Thu Sep 6, 2018 11:00

Benjamin Hippocrates Pierce was a seventh year. Aside from ‘marry Tess’ (a plan he assumed she knew about given how he had messed up asking her out that first time) and probably coaching a kids sports team, he had no real idea what he wanted to do with his life. He had given serious consideration to “run off and join Kyte’s circus” but wasn’t sure he had any skills that would lend themselves to big top performances. Also, he wasn’t sure Tess would approve of that plan either.

He figured he’d probably go to college somewhere - he’d need to ask Tess soon if she had any plans in that direction - which gave him some extra time to really decide, but then there was the problem of what to study there. ‘Quidditch’ generally wasn’t one of the academic options nevermind ‘Baseball’ so his favorite subjects were already out.

He’d found Charms the most useful through intermediates, but now that he’d been in RATS classes a year, the theory was getting terrifying, so he wasn’t sure he wanted to study that too much further. Creatures were always fun, but he kind of wanted to keep living in Boston, and there were too many muggles about to do anything with magical creatures professionally there.

So that left Potions and DADA. His aunt was an auror, but he was pretty sure he didn’t want to do that, and he wasn’t sure what else DADA was good for, career wise, but he couldn’t really see himself standing over a cauldron for the rest of his life either.

In short, Ben had eliminated all the options and didn’t know where that left him. So he was just taking his four RATS classes and hoping for inspiration from at least one of them. Ideally before Christmas so he could get his applications out for next year.

He became intrigued by today’s DADA prologue. Dangerous was good. A creature, maybe? Vampires? No, probably not. There wouldn’t be an opportunity to do anything with vampires without adult supervision so she wouldn’t be warning them against that. Same went for most other dark creatures. Ben deflated.

Yep. Mind magic. No good. Ben preferred physical stuff to mental. It made him uncomfortable watching the demonstration and he didn’t even know why. They were just looking at each other, not even doing anything. But he felt oddly relieved when it was over.

He set to the homework while the professors conversed and started doing the thing on his peers. Ben felt nervous about his upcoming turn, though he didn’t really have anything to hide. Mostly.

When Professor Hawthorne got to him and cast the spell, he realized he was wrong.


“Can I copy your homework this term? I’ll change it, and make it bad enough that it looks like mine,” Kyte promised at the returning feast several years prior. “I really need to do loads extra circus stuff if I want to be properly in the summer tour with my family. Like, my mum said multiple hours a day.”

“Well, what if I read the assignments out loud to you while you practice?" Ben counter proposed. "Then I can truthfully tell anyone who asks that we did study together."

“You’d be happy doing that?” Kyte asked. “I mean… I’ll be practising. It’s not the most sociable thing. Like… I can’t promise I’d exactly be giving your lectures much attention,” he admitted as Ben’s stomach twisted in guilt that he was showing this to a teacher, but he couldn’t stop it. The memory kept going.

“I'm cool with that," his past self confirmed. "But my mom's a doctor and my uncle is a teacher, so I feel like at least one of them would yell at me if I just let you copy my homework without at least making an effort to help you learn the stuff.”


A scene of Raine hanging upside down. Ben is trying not to oogle her and doing a poor job of it.


Tess calls out to him in the Pecari Common Room. She’s wearing short pyjama bottoms and a tight looking t-shirt. Ben is clearly doing the oogling thing again. But this time he speaks, too, and what he says is "Will you marry me?"

And he’s pretty sure, from inside his own mind, Professor Hawthorne can probably tell he actually meant it.

“Well, I’m not sure that marrying you is really possible right now,” Tess let him down lightly, as she had then. “Maybe we should try dating first?”

“Er, yeah," his past self agreed. "That's what I meant."


They were back in DADA and he was looking into Professor Hawthorne’s too-close face.

“Erm,” he said. He wasn’t sure what else he could say. Except. “I’m guessing that’s a failing grade?”

OOC: References made to This returning feast thread, this mesmerising scene, and This marriage proposal.

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