Evelyn Stones
Oh, someone interesting!
Wed Oct 24, 2018 22:27

Evelyn stifled a grin, afraid the older boy would think she was making fun of him, and just nodded. She was still not excited to do this stupid classwork, but at least if she was partnering with someone for whom English was not their first language, there would be something interesting to talk about. Who knew, maybe she'd even make a friend.

"Yes," she smiled, "We can be partners."

Evelyn turned around more completely, pulling her legs over the seat so she could stand up and face the boy. She wasn't actually sure if that was the best choice, but it seemed silly to shout at him from the next table.

"I'm Evelyn," she said, doing her best to speak clearly without speaking too slowly. He'd made it this far, he probably didn't need her help to get by, and he'd already proven he was willing to ask if he did. "You're a second year, right?"

She took the opportunity to get to know him before outing herself as a lousy witch. Hopefully he'd say something like "yes, and a squib" or "yes, but I can't do magic for religious reasons" or "no, you just haven't noticed me because I'm shy and try to avoid using magic so no one notices me" and she could move on from there. Somehow, she doubted that was the case.

"It's nice to meet you."

  • It wasnít me!Heinrich, Tue Oct 23 14:54
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    • Oh, someone interesting! — Evelyn Stones, Wed Oct 24 22:27
      • I like to think so. But not too interestingHeinrich, Tue Oct 30 12:57
        Yes, we can be partners. The sentence was clean, clear, succinct. Heinrich was grateful. His listening comprehension was actually getting quite good by now, but it was always helpful when the English ... more
        • Is anybody too interesting? Evelyn Stones, Sun Nov 4 19:41
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          • Yes. I wish I was less interesting.Heinrich, Fri Nov 9 18:02
            Heinrich nodded in agreement as Evelyn told him he could start. He was fine with that. Maybe she wanted to see how he did them before trying them herself. He was the older student after all. "I start ... more
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