I like to think so. But not too interesting
Tue Oct 30, 2018 12:57

Yes, we can be partners. The sentence was clean, clear, succinct. Heinrich was grateful. His listening comprehension was actually getting quite good by now, but it was always helpful when the English didn’t start getting too convoluted.

“I am second year, yes,” he confirmed in answer to her question. He didn’t need to ask if she was in first year. He might have had trouble understanding most of his classmates last year, but he could at least recognize who had and hadn’t been there. He was less sure if this difference in age meant she was expecting him to be a skilled caster or not, especially given his House designation (Aladrens did seem to be held to slightly higher academic standards) but he figured he could do well enough to not disappointment whatever expectations she might hold. It was DADA after all.

“I am Heinrich,” he offered by way of his own introduction, declining the use of his last name as had become his habit this year. No use drawing attention to it. “It is nice to meet you, Evelyn,” he continued, no longer certain that this was actually the normal response or just what his Practical English Conversations lessons thought was normal American discourse. But she had said it, too, so it couldn’t be too wrong, could it?

“Ready you - no. Warte mal.” The German for wait a moment slipped out unheeded and unnoticed as he held up a finger and thought about his words for a few seconds, his front teeth lightly biting his lower lip as he concentrated, before slowly and carefully trying out an English sentence. “Are you ready to begin?”

He stood up and moved away from his desk, pushing it a couple feet to the side to make room. The spells themselves might not hurt, but if your legs locked under you and you banged your head on a desk on the way down, that wasn’t going to feel good. “Have space,” he suggested, “I want that we not fall and run head into desk.”

Once the nearby desks were arranged to his satisfaction, he asked, “Who starts? Which spell?” If he kept his questions excessively short, he didn’t have to think too hard about their grammar.

  • Oh, someone interesting!Evelyn Stones, Wed Oct 24 22:27
    Evelyn stifled a grin, afraid the older boy would think she was making fun of him, and just nodded. She was still not excited to do this stupid classwork, but at least if she was partnering with... more
    • I like to think so. But not too interesting — Heinrich, Tue Oct 30 12:57
      • Is anybody too interesting? Evelyn Stones, Sun Nov 4 19:41
        Evelyn nodded, giving Heinrich time to formulate his thoughts without pretending she didn't understand. The advantage of native fluency was the ability to guess pretty well at what he meant. Besides, ... more
        • Yes. I wish I was less interesting.Heinrich, Fri Nov 9 18:02
          Heinrich nodded in agreement as Evelyn told him he could start. He was fine with that. Maybe she wanted to see how he did them before trying them herself. He was the older student after all. "I start ... more
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