Evelyn Stones
Is anybody too interesting?
Sun Nov 4, 2018 19:41

Evelyn nodded, giving Heinrich time to formulate his thoughts without pretending she didn't understand. The advantage of native fluency was the ability to guess pretty well at what he meant. Besides, there were only a few things he was likely to say that involved the word "ready", so it wasn't hard to go along with.

"That's a good plan," she laughed, grateful he thought to move the desk. She was likely to either produce nothing at all, or to produce something terribly odd and she didn't want him to hit his head in either case, out of laughter or attack.

"You start," Evelyn blurted, hoping she could somehow get him to work long enough that she wouldn't have to do anything at all. Maybe if he was really good, she get 'injured' and be excused from the rest of classes. "Any of the spells is fine with me. Just...let me know which one in advance." She wasn't sure how she would prepare herself but at least she wouldn't be surprised that way.

She stood opposite Heinrich with her legs apart and one slightly in front of the other. She kept her elbows bent slightly so that she'd be less likely to catch herself on her wrists if she did fall. Hopefully, it would be clear that she was preparing for the spell and not to duke it out with him, but she wasn't too concerned about that. Again, there were only so many likely responses.

"Ready when you are," she said.

  • I like to think so. But not too interestingHeinrich, Tue Oct 30 12:57
    Yes, we can be partners. The sentence was clean, clear, succinct. Heinrich was grateful. His listening comprehension was actually getting quite good by now, but it was always helpful when the English ... more
    • Is anybody too interesting? — Evelyn Stones, Sun Nov 4 19:41
      • Yes. I wish I was less interesting.Heinrich, Fri Nov 9 18:02
        Heinrich nodded in agreement as Evelyn told him he could start. He was fine with that. Maybe she wanted to see how he did them before trying them herself. He was the older student after all. "I start ... more
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