Yes. I wish I was less interesting.
Fri Nov 9, 2018 18:02

Heinrich nodded in agreement as Evelyn told him he could start. He was fine with that. Maybe she wanted to see how he did them before trying them herself. He was the older student after all. "I start with Leg Locker Curse," he informed her, because she had requested that information and he had understood her request and saw no reason not to comply. This was the first one Professor Hawthorne had gone over today, so it seemed logical to him that it was a good one to try first. "I practice saying it first. You can, too," he added, because it might take a while and he didn't want her to get bored.

"Locomotor Mortis," he said, without moving his wand, just practicing his pronounciation, which was easily the hardest part of any spell. It came out much more German sounding than it had when Professor Hawthorne said it. He tried again. And again. And again.

When he was satisfied that he sounded at least a little bit less German than normal, he practiced the way the want was supposed to move. He reach an acceptable level of competency on that part much faster, but not immediately.

Now having both parts practiced as well as he thought he needed for a successful casting, he said, "I am now ready. Are you?"

Once she indicated she was, and she was positioned safely in the middle of their cleared area, he put the two pieces together, saying "Locomotor Mortis," while making an upside down question mark with his wand tip and committing his magical will to the curse.

The magic of a moderately well-cast leg locking curse shot out toward the first year.

  • Is anybody too interesting? Evelyn Stones, Sun Nov 4 19:41
    Evelyn nodded, giving Heinrich time to formulate his thoughts without pretending she didn't understand. The advantage of native fluency was the ability to guess pretty well at what he meant. Besides, ... more
    • Yes. I wish I was less interesting. — Heinrich, Fri Nov 9 18:02
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