Evelyn Stones
Well, let's share some interesting because I'm desperate.
Thu Nov 15, 2018 20:09

Evelyn was surprised by Heinrich's suggestion that they practice. She supposed she shouldn't be. It did make sense and if she were working with Ness, she likely would have heard the same suggestion from the ever-practical Aladren. Still, it caught her off guard. She hadn't ever practiced spells this way, just one piece at a time. It was usually the Thinking part and the Doing part, not the words and then the movement and then the magic. She wondered if this would help her at all and by the time Heinrich said he was ready to go, she actually thought she might stand a chance.

Nodding to him, indicating she was ready for his attempt, she swallowed hard and prepared herself as much as she could figure out how to do. When he cast it though, she found that she was entirely not ready. It wasn't the first time anyone had put a curse on her, although she avoided thinking about that as much as possible, but the sensation here was odd. The fact that Heinrich was a decent wizard was as obvious as the fact that he didn't actually want to cause her harm.

The leg-locking curse effectively bound her legs, joining them in an almost-painful spread of magic, but she didn't fall over. The spell hadn't quite been enough to knock her off her feet, and she smiled gratefully at Heinrich for it.

"Good job!" she said, impressed.

When he cleared the spell and it was her turn, she swallowed again.

"I should warn you that I haven't practiced with magic much or had very good luck. It's not usually anything weird but just a fair warning." It seemed unfair not to say anything. "You ready?"

When he indicated that he was, she took a deep breath and imagined the sensation she'd just experienced. That was her goal. That was what she was willing to happen. And when she released the spell, pronouncing the words and moving her wand in as close a mimic to Professor Hawthorne's demonstration as she could, she was immensely relieved to feel the telling sign of a spell leaving her wand. Or her body. Or wherever magic came from. It felt . . . wrong . . . but that was probably fine right?

OOC - I don't mind whether it feels wrong because the spell goes wrong or whether it feels wrong because she's not used to it, or whatever else. :)

  • Yes. I wish I was less interesting.Heinrich, Fri Nov 9 18:02
    Heinrich nodded in agreement as Evelyn told him he could start. He was fine with that. Maybe she wanted to see how he did them before trying them herself. He was the older student after all. "I start ... more
    • Well, let's share some interesting because I'm desperate. — Evelyn Stones, Thu Nov 15 20:09
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