Professor Hawthorne
Advanced Class, how fast can you cast?
Thu Nov 29, 2018 11:35

Tabitha always enjoyed teaching her Advanced classes. The material that she had to teach was more substantial and harder and gave them plenty to sink their teeth into. The same could be said for the Defence professor. DADA required a lot more actual thought at the Advanced level. One certainly couldn't get away with simply throwing out any old spell anymore and it required the students to think and then, subsequently, come up with their own ideas. Today's lesson was particularly creative. Tabitha was curious to see what her students would come up with.

Ailuros was sitting on Tabitha's desk, watching with her ears pricked up as the students entered the class. Her eyes roamed the room, taking in all these two-legged beings. Hopefully, if she was lucky, some of them might stay behind to pet her. Ailuros liked being fussed over. Maybe she would go and find the Nice Two-Legged who often stayed behind to chat to her other mistress and was gentle with warm hands. Ailuros liked him.

Tabitha gave the kitten kneazle a stroke before looking to address her class. "Good morning," she began, her eyes taking in the appearance of her students. She hoped that they would all be good and focused, which could sometimes be difficult given that the Advanced lesson took up most of the lunch service. "Today, we're going to be looking at something a bit more theoretical in nature called Combination Casting."

She flicked her wand in the direction of the chalk which rose obediently. Ailuros' attention was momentarily snagged by this, her eyes fixating on the chalk as it wrote on the board.

"In a duel, your opponent will not give you the courtesy of taking it in turns. There will be no breaks where you can recover and you certainly won't be given the time to think of a spell. You need to start thinking strategically and working out how a number of different spells can complement each other and create a bigger and better effect than they could do on their own. This is not simple. You need to be able to think one step ahead - you need to analyse each spell and work out not only what benefits it will have from the previous spell but also how it will enhance the next spell. You also need to be aware of how many spells you can cast in one go. Exhausting yourself by overstretching and being too ambitious will render the whole point of combination casting pointless."

"There are two categories that combinations can fall under - simply offensive or defensive. Whichever of these categories that your combination falls under depends on the base of your combination. Or, in other words, the first spell that is cast. For example, if you start your combination with the stunning spell, Stupefy, you would probably continue casting in an offensive manner. It's the most important spell, it sets the tone of your combination so it is very important to think about how you want to start."

Tabitha glanced at Ailuros out of the corner of her eye, making sure the rambunctious kitten was still on her desk and not attempting to eat the chalk before continuing.

"The next spell you cast should enhance the base. For example, if I cast the Jelly-Legs Jinx and then follow it up with the Tongue-Tying Curse, I have not only made my opponent unsteady on their feet, I've also prevented from speaking. If they're reliant on verbal incantations, I've taken away the ability for them to use the counter-curse. If they can do non-verbal magic, then it's still useful as they're distracted by having to undo your jinxes."

"The next spell could be one of two things. If you're losing and on the defensive, you need to use a spell that would cause a distraction and divert your opponent's attention. The Reductor Curse is very good example for this as you could blow up a tree or a wall, forcing your opponent to stop their assault on you and protect themselves. If you're winning, you'll want to cast something harmful like the Stinging Hex, which has the added benefit of causing swelling. If you hit them in the right spot, like between the eyes, you could temporarily blind them giving you a very big advantage."

Ailuros had now taken an interest in the end of Tabitha’s wand, which had been flicking occasionally to keep control of the chalk that was scrawling notes on the board. The kitten kneazle was now trying to bite the wood. Tabitha smiled affectionately at the animal before pulling her wand away from Ailuros - it would be embarrassing if she had to go and purchase a new one, citing reason for replacement as ‘became a chew toy for a kitten’.

“The final spell that you should cast needs to be devastating. In a duel, it should be the spell that guarantees a win or, failing that, puts you close to winning. Disarming your opponent with Expelliarmus is a good example. Unless you’re up against somebody who can do wandless magic which, as you all know, is extraordinarily difficult, this would generally finish any kind of fight. The Full Body Bind Curse is another thing that could end a duel. How is your opponent going to take you down if they can’t move?”

Keeping her wand away from Ailuros, she flicked it at a stack of papers which obediently distributed themselves to Tabitha’s students. Simply a summary of everything she’d explained. There was also a list of spells, both offensive and defensive. It was quite lengthy and it was unlikely that they knew all of the spells - some of them had incredibly silly effects and Tabitha had compiled the list from a mixture of duels she'd had when travelling the world and the immature fights she'd had in her own school days. She had, of course, left out the Three Unforgivable Curses. While they would probably be effective, she didn't want to put those thoughts in the minds of her students. They were also abhorrent.

“For the remainder of the lesson, I want you to come up with your own combinations. The list of spells is to help you, though as you will have noticed, they are not separated into offensive and defensive and also, no explanations as to what they do. You will need to figure out what each spell does and which is suited to which heading and, bear in mind, there are some spells that can be both. I would like you to come up with at least two combinations, preferably one of each and then, write an essay detailing why you have chosen those spells and how you think they will benefit you in a duel. Each combination should have a minimum of three spells though if you want to create longer combinations, feel free. Next lesson, we’ll be trying out your combinations for real. You may begin.”

OOC - I hope this lesson is understandable and interesting for you guys. Normal posting rules apply. Below is a list of all the spells on Tabitha's list.

Aqua Eructo
Bombarda (and Bombarda Maxima)
Everte Statum
Finite Incantatum
Flipendo (Duo and Tria)
Incendio (Duo and Tria)
Lacarnum Inflamarae
Locomotor Mortis
Petrificus Totalus
Protego (Diabolica and Horribilis)
Slugulus Eructo
Vulnera Sanentur

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