Lily Spencer
Quite fast when I'm not distracted.
Fri Nov 30, 2018 02:24

These days, Lily was feeling quite happy. Things were going well for her this year, and competing in Quidditch against other schools was absolutely smashing. The English witch loved every minute of those matches. Though she wasn’t in her desired position, she wasn’t quite sure why she’d given up being a Chaser. She enjoyed it more than she remembered, and it was lovely having two other team-mates to rely on and play with. Seeking was too solitary for the extroverted witch.

Besides Quidditch, she had friends to chat with and was doing well in her courses. Her marks were higher than years before and she couldn’t believe it, seeing as these courses were much more difficult now. However, she chalked it up to only having to take electives rather than a full course load. DADA was especially fun. Even though they did loads of theoretical work, they also were able to practise spells that could potentially be used in Duelling Club. It was much more interesting to her than Potions or Charms.

Lily's short hair had been sticking up from the moment she'd woke, and she had been smoothing it down all day. By DADA it was nearly there, but the ends still had a bit of a curl to it. Lily sat down in her usual spot in class, hand in her hair, greeting everyone. The upside of being so cheerful - and perhaps downside to her professors - was that she became more outgoing and chatty with just about everyone.

The kitten kneazle at the front was entertaining and also rather distracting. Lily’s eyes continued to veer towards it during the professor’s explanation. "That little creature's adorable, isn't it?" she whispered to her classmate. Lily herself was not much of a cat kneazle person, but the professor’s pet made her think of her beloved dog back home. Even with so many dogs in the house, her entire family agreed that Tod and Lily had a special relationship. Tod was quite old now for his breed, and the thought of not having him anymore was absolutely heartbreaking. She wished she could spend more time with him, but between school, visiting friends and family holiday trips, it was difficult to play with him as much as she used to.

Flying papers grabbed Lily’s attention again, and she sat up and took a look at it. It was a list of duelling spells, and she was surprised she didn’t know all of them. She’d vaguely heard Professor Hawthorne say something about combinations, but this assignment didn’t seem very difficult. It was much like Duelling Club, only more structured and thoughtful. She couldn’t wait for to actually duel next week.

Deciding to go on the offence, she started with her favourite, ‘Locomotor Wibbly,’ the incantation for the Jelly Legs Jinx. Next, she wrote down ‘Langlock,’ ‘Expelliarmus,’ and then finished her list with ‘Stupefy.’ It was tempting to put down a powerful spell like ‘Confringo,’ but that could go horribly wrong and she didn’t want to be responsible for destroying the entire classroom in one go. She wasn’t quite sure how Professor Hawthorne thought starting with Stupefy would go well, as knocking out one’s opponent would cut the duel quite short. Perhaps in a real duel of life and death, it would be prudent to begin strong, but Lily liked having to practise thinking on her feet.

“Hey, what do you think of this?” asked Lily to her desk-mate. “Do you think it’d work all right in a real duel?"

OOC: Incantation for Jelly Legs Jinx taken from here.

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