Arianna Tate, Crotalus
Pretty fast, actually
Mon Dec 17, 2018 12:53

There were definitely things that Arianna did and did not identify as and definitely things she did and did not want other people to think were part of that identity. First and formost, she wanted people to know that for the most part, she was better than them. Secondly, the Crotalus wanted people to think she was not to be trifled with. Hence taking Defense Against the Dark Arts.

The problem was that with this interest came potential for people thinking things about her that she didn't want to be identified as. For one thing, Arianna did not want anyone to think of her as a tomboy, a sort that she had nothing but contempt for. She felt sympathetic towards Aunt Holly all the time that Anya was turning out that way-and she didn't understand it either. Still, there was nothing Arianna could do about it but be a role model.

However,people thinking of her that way was not likely since she generally came to class with well manicured nails, perfectly done hair and tasteful and expensive jewelry. However, those were the sort of girls who were usually interested in taking DADA.

Arianna also didn't want people to think she was a nerd and this was trickier as she also wanted to appear intelligent. After all, she was.

So while Professor Hawthorne's lesson sounded interesting, she couldn't let it appear that she found it so. Her face remaining impassive, the Crotalus got down to work. Obviously she was going to use an offensive spell as the base, she just had to pick a really good one. Anteoculatia was one that Arianna thought would be fun, but that was a later one to use. Calvario sounded like a terrible thing, but to use on someone she disliked, it was definitely a place to go. She didn't know if it would win a fight, but it was definitely a devastating curse. To have her hair fall out would be one of the worst things that could happen. Unless her attacker happened to be bald or the type of person that clearly didn't care about their hair.

Arianna looked down the list. Oooh, Sectrumsempra ! Okay, yes, she was going to put that one to finish. And first she'd do Silencio because people couldn't cast spells on her if they couldn't talk, aside from some who could do non-verbal magic.

She turned to the person next to her. "So what do you have for combinations so far?

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