Caitlin Pierce, Crotalus
You have no idea (what you're doing)
Fri Dec 21, 2018 01:52

As far as Caitlin was concerned, classes really varied. Sometimes they were interesting and useful and others teachers droned on about irrelevant things. Apparently, Professor Hawthorne had done just that in the lesson regarding veelas after the beginner and advanced students had left, thanks to Kir McLeod. Winston hadn't told her what the topic had been but Caitlin had some ideas considering who it was that had asked the question that derailed the lesson for a bit.

Defense Against the Dark Arts was not a favorite of hers anyway. She had been taught to be a proper young lady and the subject was inherently too rough for her liking. If what her brother had said about Professor Hawthorne wasn't bad enough, prior to midterm, the Defense teacher had had them look at dueling as a sport. Caitlin did not do sports.

Plus, well, it wasn't necessary. It wasn't really Defense. Yes, if you had to duel or otherwise protect yourself from attackers, that was necessary and generally good to know. However, it was Defense Against the Dark Arts not a class on sports. So that's what they should learn. Honestly, between that and what Winston said about what happened in his class, Caitlin was beginning to wonder if Professor Hawthorne knew what she was doing.

The Crotalus walked into the classroom and eyed the set up warily. This did not look good. She had the sinking feeling that they were going to do something that she would not like.

Professor Hawthorne began to speak and it turned out that Caitlin's assumption was correct. She didn't like this. More dueling! Yech!

She scanned the room looking for an appropriate partner when she noticed Allegra Brockert looking rather pale. The second year didn't know if the other girl was sick or just hated dueling but she was very tempted to go over to the younger Crotalus and offer to take her to the medic whether she was sick or not just to get out of class. And Allegra would probably thank her for rescuing her from having to duel too.

And the more Caitlin got on the Brockerts' good side, the better. Having any of them think well of her was important.

She was just about to go over to Allegra when someone approached her.

  • Beginners, do you feel cursed?Professor Hawthorne, Fri Oct 19 10:10
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    • You have no idea (what you're doing) — Caitlin Pierce, Crotalus, Fri Dec 21 01:52
    • Yep.Evelyn Stones, Pecari, Sat Oct 20 00:58
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      • It wasnít me!Heinrich, Tue Oct 23 14:54
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        • Oh, someone interesting!Evelyn Stones, Wed Oct 24 22:27
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          • I like to think so. But not too interestingHeinrich, Tue Oct 30 12:57
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            • Is anybody too interesting? Evelyn Stones, Sun Nov 4 19:41
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              • Yes. I wish I was less interesting.Heinrich, Fri Nov 9 18:02
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