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Professor Perrault
Research Task! [VI & VII years]
Thu Oct 13, 2016 16:25

Edward’s summer had been rather agreeable on the whole but he was quite content to be back at Sonora now and slipping back into that comfortable school routine. He would definitely miss getting to see so much of his sister and niece, for sure, who were much further away from him than they had been when he’d taught in Québec, but he liked Sonora and knew that he’d made a good decision. That didn’t necessarily make it easy, but at least he was at ease in his new surroundings and could go back to fully enjoying being a professor.

“Good afternoon class,” Edward began in his usual positive manner, starting the lesson promptly because he did not expect tardiness from his Advanced students. If they weren’t keen and willing then they’d clearly chosen the wrong course to continue to RATS level. “Today I’ll be setting you a research task,” he got straight to business after a quick roll call. Edward liked to use a range of teaching methods, practical probably being the most popular amongst his students. The older they got the more often he began to incorporate the heavier going lectures and to be more demanding with essays he’d set for homework every so often, but he always hoped that his great passion for the subject helped enthuse his students. Charms could so often be dismissed as a soft subject when compared to classes such as Transfiguration and Edward could see why, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t a lot of hard work and effort required to achieve good RATS grades.

“I want you all to start thinking about how you can apply your knowledge of charms to industry and business,” Edward explained the purpose of their research task. “Therefore, I’d like you all to pair up - some threes may be necessary if you don’t divide equally, but I expect you can sort yourselves out - and come up with an area of business that you find interesting. You do not need to be focusing on your future career plans, as I don’t expect all of you to know what you want to do yet nor have the same aspirations as your partner.”

“Once you’ve chosen this, I’d like you to research the ways in which charms are used relating to this. Choose a few specific charms to focus on and produce information on them, always linking it back to your chosen industry. These don’t necessarily have to be charms you’ve covered before, but may well be. You should be using books to find out this information but I want you to put your findings in your own words. It is up to you how you wish to present your research.”

“If you are at all stuck for ideas I can help you out,” Edward added. “But I would rather it come from you, so do give it some thought and just bounce ideas off each other.”

“Right, I have numerous books here in the classroom that you should probably find useful but if you don’t have anything to go on, let me know and you can take a trip to the library,” Edward told the class. “You have the whole lesson to work on this and then I expect you to coordinate in your pairs and get it finished for next week.”

“Now, any questions?” Edward waited for questions which he would respond to accordingly before clapping his hands together. “Okay, get started.”

OOC: You all know the rules by now. Have fun!

    • This started out so well....John Umland, Aladren, Mon Nov 14 19:37
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    • YechScarlett Brockert,Pecari, Sun Nov 13 11:53
      When it came to picking classes after CATS, the choices had been obvious to Scarlett. She was taking Transfiguration because she was a Brockert and it was her best subject anyway, Charms because it... more
      • I second the motion.Tobi Reinhardt, Sun Nov 13 12:36
        Tobi wasn't stupid. On the contrary, he was a rather thoughtful, insightful young wizard. However, school had never been his favorite place. From a young age, he had learned to dislike the place... more
    • You may call me a genius [tag: Clark]Joella Curtis, Pecari, Thu Oct 20 16:33
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      • Heya, Genius.Clark Dill , Wed Nov 2 15:17
        It was probably a hold-over from his younger days, when 'research project' meant spending a few days doing field trips with his dad to various museums and libraries and related educational venues,... more
        • Is that my new name?Joella, Mon Nov 14 03:37
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          • Clark was thirty percent sure that Joella was flirting with him. Thirty percent was nowhere near certain enough to comment upon, even if he had any idea what to say about it, so he decided to ignore... more
    • Ugh, this is the worst.Aiden O'Neil (Teppenpaw), Thu Oct 13 20:57
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