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Professor Rory Taransay
No need for spello-tape (Intermediate charms)
Sun Apr 16, 2017 17:19

It was strange, preparing to teach a class in a different classroom, and Rory couldn’t help but feel as if he’d forgotten something – some animal, or maybe just his lesson plan! He’d definitely become used to teaching Care of Magical Creatures, and it was odd to step into another teacher’s domain.

The unfortunate and sad resignation of Edward Perrault, Sonora’s resident Charms teacher, had increased Isis’s workload quite significantly, so Rory had offered to help. Through Amelle, he’d got to know Isis last year. Despite Amelle having left, he still thought of Isis as a friend, and not just a colleague, so he was more than happy to make things easier for her where he could.

Truth be told, Rory was actually a little nervous. He wasn’t an officially qualified charms teacher, and it hadn’t been his favourite subject at Hogwarts. However, you couldn’t have a successful career in the magizoology world without becoming decent at charms (some more than others), and he knew that he was more than capable of teaching an intermediate charms class. That was easier to know in theory than to believe, however, so he had decided to focus the lesson on a charm that he was fairly familiar with.

“Hello, everyone!” he greeted cheerfully, once the class had settled down. “As a one-off, I’m going to be covering today’s lesson. Now, I’ve been looking over your syllabus, and the spell that we’re going to learn today is the Mending Charm. Its use is fairly self-evident, but can anyone tell me the incantation?”

Picking on raised hands (he never liked to put people on the spot, preferring willing volunteers), he gave house points to the correct answer of Reparo, and wrote the incantation on the board. After getting everyone to repeat the correct pronunciation a few times, he moved on to the instructions for the lesson.

“Around the room we have various objects, as you can see,” he said, gesturing to the collection he’d gathered. He’d found quite a range, with the objects varying from items such as quills and parchment to teapots, glasses, and mirrors. “Fourth and fifth years, you may well have covered this spell before, so feel free to try the more complex objects. Third years, you might want to focus on quills before tackling something that will break into lots of pieces. Obviously the objects will have to be broken before you can practise the spell, so now’s your chance to take out any anger you have and smash some crockery!” He grinned at this, knowing that it was often quite satisfying to break something and then repair it.

“It might help you to work in pairs or threes, so you can give each other support and advice. But only constructive criticism, please! I’m here if you have any problems, or questions.” Rory knew the students from his CoMC class, so he was confident they wouldn’t be afraid to approach him.

OOC: Normal class rules apply. Feel free to choose any small everyday object for your student to practise on, although please remember that the spell can be hard to perform perfectly, especially if an object has liquid in. Points are given for realism! Also do tag Professor Taransay if you want to, and note that he would be there if any serious problems occurred. More information on the spell can be found here:

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