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Isaac Song - Pecari
It's too early for that kind of talk
Sat Jun 24, 2017 20:36

Isaac hated Charms, but it wasn't because it was boring or he hated Professor Wright or couldn't understand the material. It was because it was so incredibly early. Isaac and his whole family knew he was not a morning person. His sister Lauren had always been super patient waking him up for school back home and let him throw tantrums while she drank her milk or orange juice or tea (depending on the weather). His mom was less patient, usually telling him to shut up or threatening to throw him out of the house in his pajamas if he didn't behave.

Luckily, those days were behind him, but his hatred for mornings were not. Just like everyday, Isaac walked into Charms like a zombie, with his almond eyes half-lidded and his feet dragging on the floor. He collapsed into his usual seat and put his head down on the desk. As usual, he had skipped breakfast in order to sleep a little more, but he didn't even feel hungry. Once lunch came around he would be ravenous, but for now he just wanted to go back to bed and stay there for the next four hours.

Isaac stifled a yawn as Professor Wright started the class and shook his leg to keep himself occupied with at least something. He hoped against hope that he wouldn't make a fool of himself and fall out of his chair or something equally embarrassing. The practical lesson was pretty easy and Isaac thought it would be a good one to remember to keep his younger sister out of his room.

Once the professor had finished talking, Isaac rubbed his cheeks and opened his eyes wide to look a little more alive before he obediently went up to grab a box. He returned to his desk and curiously looked at the objects inside. He couldn't imagine what it would feel like to be unable to open a bag, but if it worked he'd find out.

"Wanna be partners?" he asked, glad to be talking to someone instead of listening to a boring sleep-inducing lecture. "You can go first if you'd like."

  • Unlocking your potential (Charms I-II).Professor Grayson Wright, Fri Jun 23 23:09
    In most ways, the Advanced classes were proving the hardest for Gray to adjust to teaching. For one thing, he was to some extent bluffing when he spoke confidently on the more, well, highly advanced... more
    • With great power...Jennifer White, Thu Jun 29 10:37
      Jen struggled to take Professor Wright seriously. He didn’t seem to have much self-belief, and she wondered how she was supposed to have faith in him when he couldn’t do that himself. Still his... more
      • ...comes lots of money?Connor Priory,Crotalus, Fri Jun 30 02:23
        Even though he hadn't made any close friends yet, Connor was liking school a lot...if he focused on that and not worrying about how his family was getting on without him. He had gone home for midterm ... more
        • Depends on the power, I supposeJen White, Thu Jul 6 14:47
          Jen had begun to unpack the box, taking out the fabric bag and the piece of card with a door cut into it (because it seemed to her like the card would be easiest to work with, then the fabric, and... more
          • "I was sort of thinking along the same lines." Connor replied, nodding enthusiastically. "Like it would keep out any younger siblings but not parents or older siblings. Unless you really have a lot... more
            • It happens sometimesJen, Tue Jul 25 14:30
              It was sort of reassuring that Connor had the same ideas about the homework assignment, but at the same time disappointing; if he’d have had an alternative viewpoint then it would have given Jen... more
    • It's too early for that kind of talk — Isaac Song - Pecari, Sat Jun 24 20:36
      • You don't find it motivational?Zevalyn Ives, Aladren, Thu Jun 29 09:20
        Charms held a comfortable place among Zevalyn's classes. It was satisfying. You said a word or two, did a specific action with the wand, and magic! Something happened. It was the closest thing to... more
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